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Mobile App Development Life-cycle
Mobile App Development Company

Mobile app markets are booming at an exceptional speed. Every business owner wants to stay ahead of their competitors and having a dedicated mobile platform is helping them to achieve their goals swiftly. For this reason, lately, we are witnessing a meteoric rise in the number of apps available in the app stores. If you want to jump on the mobile application bandwagon as well, it’s a great choice.


However, the path to owning a dedicated mobile app is full of potholes and drawbacks. If you do not know the entire process, you will sacrifice your resources on an insignificant and meaningless process. Fortunately, our app development experience might help you! Let’s have a look at the various stages involved in the mobile app development lifecycle in detail from the eyes of a mobile app development company.


The planning stage is the first and the most important stage as it is where you need to lay down the necessary groundwork for all the upcoming tasks. In this stage app, developers collect as much knowledge about the client’s business as possible and understand the expectations of the app. So you have to prepare yourself to answer many questions. They are as follows:


  • What is the goal of the App?
  • Your target users?
  • How your customers will use the app?
  • What platform?
  • The technology your app will be based on?
  • The minimum technical specifications required for installing your app?
  • Your budget?
  • How will solve other existing problem?



Prototyping is a process where your imagination began to take shape in the real world. This is where our preferred mobile app development company makes a sketch and setups the main logic, the number of screens and how the user will interact which. Next comes wireframes to provide the visualization of the draft structure. Once the wireframe gets the final confirmation, the mobile app development service provider then moves on to making designing app skins.


Code Development usually consists of two main parts is Back-end development and another is Front-end development. This will be the longest part of the entire development process. So be patient while people are stuck to their keyboards!


Quality Assurance means, is your app ready to be used by the masses? Here a dedicated will run many tastes. They will hunt for top security issues in the mobile app, UX/ UI design flaws, place of improvement, etc.


Publishing & Maintenance comes after the quality assurance team’s acceptance that the product is ready for use. In this part, many mobile app development companies offer App store optimization which can increase the Mobile app development cost a bit. But, it will give you an exceptional return for sure.


You have probably already realized that the time frame of having an app comes with a lot of steps that require a significant amount of time, resources and budget. Hopefully, our post was able to spread some light on the notion of owning a mobile app.

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Top 4 Steps Plan to Generate More Leads in 2020

It doesn’t matter how much traffic you get unless they are converting to leads, you are just wasting your hard-earned cash. Do it the right way and digital marketing can offer exceptional growth and opportunities. However, finding out the idle method can be a daunting task for many. If you are an entrepreneur or digital marketer, looking to gather positive leads to boost sales, we have put together a list of some of our favourite methods below.

1) First, let’s fix your own online platform. If you want the best result, you have to offer a great experience for the user on the first hand. Audit your website and find if there’s any problem that exists or not. Website problems like mobile responsive, slow loading speed can have a huge effect on the user experience. Which are the main reason users leaving the website before making any positive click? So, take note of everything and fix it before even starting the digital marketing effort.

2) Both actively and passively, people are spending hours on digital media platform called social media sites. So, go there, where your customers dwell! Post regular and engaging content like a quiz on your network and keep them coming back for more. If anyone commenting on something, make sure to reply to them and engage them to build a good relationship.

3) Increasing leads via digital marketing is not an easy job. In order to do so, you have to know what your customers are typing in the search engines. So, if you want the best result, start investing in a good digital marketing agency. SEO can be the main foundation for generating positive leads. So, make sure you hire only Professional Company for this work.

4) A competitive analysis is an important aspect of digital marketing. Even the fortune 500 businesses are scared of competition. The frequent competitor analysis assists you to stay ahead of others. It means the evaluation of the strength and vulnerabilities of your business competitors and your company. Your digital marketing efforts are worthless if you are not doing proper competitive analysis.

Lead generation is not an end goal, but a continuous process to engage with your customers and prospects too. Make sure to choose the right Online marketing company to continue Increasing leads via digital marketing. This method is here to help your businesses acquire more customers, retain them and accelerate overall revenue growth. Do it the right way and you will achieve your goal faster.

Unicode Solutions drive Digital Transformation and enhance business performance with Process Automation.
Strategies for Generating High-Quality Leads through Social Media

Social Media is that fully loaded artillery that can blow up your business revenue in numbers! The potential of social media from the eyes of the digital marketing agency is enormous. Almost three-quarters of adults with an internet connection at least have 2 social media account they regularly crawl through. More than 52% of B2B marketers say they did get a great response and leads from social media.


Today, more than 50 million MSMEs depend on drawing leads from Facebook and use the same platform to engage with the customer. To make it short, if you know the way to utilize Social Media, you will reach the business success you crave for. However, SM requires precaution and prudence in its usage so that it helps your business more and not hurt it. Here are some quick and easy tips-


Choose the right network: Too many cooks spoil the soup; this proverb can come right for your social media optimization strategy. If you are running after every single social media channel, you won’t get great results. Instead, choose platforms that deliver you the most. Choose those social media channels where your target market is active regularly and make your presence felt on those selected channels. The most social media marketing company will always advise not to blindly post content on every other social network will not help to drive leads. Actually, it would do the opposite.


Spy the competition: You must analyse and keep a check on what your business competitors are doing on the social media platform. It keeps you on your toes and helps you to understand how you can improve your content. Much social media marketing company offers detailed competitor analysis reports to build strategies that target your market niche.


Write right content: As we all know content is king and content marketing is very important for business, Your Posts should not carry self-promotional contents, it generally draws less attention. Your post only works when it offers something to the users. Tricks, tips, tutorials that can help ease the difficulties of your target market, motivate them more to engage and recommend you. And if your content is good, there’s always the possibility that your brand will get viral. Remember, when you are posting something, make sure the content is specific to your market. It would help to draw more qualified leads.


Engage with the customer: Your marketing strategy needs you to not just speak but also listen. You have to listen to your customers very carefully. If you do not, they will lose trust from you and won’t come back. If your users are asking you something, reply to them promptly and give them proper solutions and answers. Keep a constant check on the posts and how people are talking about it. This will help you to understand what users willing to see and what they do not.


Generating leads with social media marketing is an innovative way to boost business revenue. However, while you are doing this, make sure you are following the standards. And if you need any help, you can always count on Unicode Solutions one of the best Social media marketing companies in Delhi.

Unicode Solutions drive Digital Transformation and enhance business performance with Process Automation.