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Custom CRM

Transform Your Sales with UnicodeCRM - A Complete custom business suite to automate Business Operations
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So how UnicodeCRM solves your daily business challenges?
Streamlined with Sales Process
UnicodeCRM is linked to your enquiry sources. It facilitate manual and automated data entry and process it with defined steps
Working round the clock for you
Waiting to reach to your mails and staff is over now. UnicodeCRM informs you automatically about leads. It's status is available to you in just clicks away.
Easy to use, Optimised results
UnicodeCRM is custom to your specific business process. it's easy to understand, use and give optimised results of your team's efforts
UnicodeCRM Features
Get and manage your Enquiry integrated with multiple Source, alerts, follow ups, track its activity status and linked inventories/ products, so the team can give optimised results
Managing Enquiry
Enquiries from multiple source are managed and linked with client, inventory and assigned team, so that you get real time status for action
Managing Clients
Who is looking for what, its track record, preferences, expected value, assigned team and team's task on it, give an opportunity to to take appropriate care of clients to convert them in profitable entity
Managing Inventory
Status of inventory / products you are delaing into! It gives a deep understanding and analytics on how it can be more profitable for you and worth for clients

crm development company
Ready to deliver
The activities which are done and what needs to be done as per the status, is the most required task of any team. UnicodeCRM let you to focus on these activities by recording in sync with all connecting dots. It reminds you about the activities and present you the whole real time status of activities in just clicks.