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Unicode solutions, a productive market research agency, partners with you to unlock your business' true potential with our powerful marketing intelligence services

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Unicode Solutions is one of the premier marketing intelligence companies where we specialize in advisory support to help our clients mitigate risk factors and understand the industry patterns before their market entry. We understand the value of market segmentation to screen the customers in prospective target segments. We increase the advantage potential of your marketing techniques when you are aiming at the right segment of audiences. And at the same time, we reduce the percentage of unproductive focus on prospects that will not yield any results.

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Our offerings AWe offer a visionary approach to collect intel for your marketing and operational strategy
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Market research

We provide complete data that is critical for business decisions for market entry, business expansion or opportunity assessment.

360° client profiling

Unicode Solutions is a market research agency in Delhi, providing competitive client profiling services to help you create customised marketing presentations and business pitches that resonate with their objectives.

Competitor analysis

Uniquely different from other market research companies, our advanced solutions assist you to evaluate the competition and track their market presence to improve your strategic moves and give a winning edge to your business models.


Business intelligence

Our services help you prepare in advance to predict plan and meet your customer demands. We help scan and monitor the emerging market developments to provide you with predictive business insights putting you decades ahead of your competition.

Competitive marketing intelligence

Unicode solutions help with market analysis of similar products and services of other competitors to compare price points, USPs and brand positioning strategies. We help our clients adjust their market entry and positioning strategy to make sure their products or services offer a fair price and better brand equity for the target audiences.

Market intelligence research

Unicode solutions believes in gathering intelligence to help you foresee the market trends for both client and talent acquisitions. Our reports will help you steer your business according to the changing market dynamics while supporting consistent informed decisions.

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  • Become data intelligent
  • Knowhow of evolving products & markets
  • Competitive intelligence
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Competitive intelligence for higher ROI on every dime spent on talent acquisition
As one of the premier market research consultant companies in Delhi, we understand the value of a strong team. At Unicode solutions, we believe a strong talent acquisition strategy is the cornerstone of a successful business. This is why our competitive employee intelligence reports are geared to give you smarter insights in to your prospective employees. Our strategic solutions are specifically designed to get you a better employee hiring and retention graph. In short, we expect you to get a high ROI for every dime you spend on talent recruitment and management.