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How much does it cost to build a mobile app?
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According to ComScore, smartphone users generally spend more than 85 percent of their time on mobile apps rather than spending time on the website. In 2017, there were 178 billion app downloads, That number has grown and is growing at a rapid speed and it is estimated that in 2022 the number will grow to 258 billion- an astounding 45% overall increase! Obviously, these are attractive numbers and no matter what your business domain is, you can take a bite out of the biggest pie in the market by having a mobile app. However, the main concern here is, how much it costs, right?

Well, to be honest, there’s no single answer that is idle to this question, when it comes to developing a mobile application, the cost varies depending on many things. A lot of factors like the platform, features, 3rd party API, add-ons, and its complexity must be taken into account while estimating a price. Confused? Well, let’s know the top 4 variables first that affect mobile application development most.

Business Model: Before getting or estimating an app price, you must be clear about the purpose of your mobile application. You must be clear about how the application will bring value to your business model. Will your application directly help to generate revenue? Or you want the mobile application as a tool for your customers to help you distinguish your business from your competitors? Is your app itself is the product, and selling it as your primary business model? The unique model of your business will categorize your mobile application, the goal of your mobile app development project, and the technologies you will need to bring your project to life- these are essential factors and will definitely affect your price.

Platform: There used to be 3 major platforms in the world of the mobile app. However, in today’s market, you have to only concentrate about two. One is Apple’s iOS and another one having the biggest market share is Google’s Android. Both platforms have good numbers of users and if you want maximum reachability, considering you have a bigger budget, you can get in touch with a mobile application development company, who can build an application for both of the platforms.

Functionality: Estimating overall mobile application cost is similar to buying a car. There’s a base price for an app and the more feature you want the application development will grow. When you are considering to develop a mobile application recognize what are the feature can be implemented in the basic app and make sure you leave space to add more features and above these, you must be clear about the underlying technologies to estimate your app development budget.

Design & Development: If you have figured out all the above points, let’s consider the main aspect which is app design and development itself. The cost will depend majorly on the development of your selected mobile application development company’s hourly rate and how fast you need the app. Depending on how your organization is structured, there will be additional costs associated with expenses like on planning, administration, marketing, infrastructure, and deployment. Talk to your preferred mobile application development company and let them know you need total transparency about the working hours and working rates and tax applications.

So what do you think? Do you clearly understand your Business Model, Platform, and Functionality? Have you selected a mobile app development company to fulfil your needs? If not, then you can get in touch with Unicode Solutions, one of the best mobile application development company in Delhi. Our service is not stuck with app development. We also offer affordable website design, SEO, web app development for business and individual needs. Get in touch with us for more information.

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Benefits of Email Marketing

When it’s about marketing your business, it is essential to be present where your prospects are. The utilization of email is growing day by day and it is used by more than 90% of online customers. According to market research, more than 65% of customers generally open their email apps twice a day. Digital marketers know this and this is the reason they are continually learning to promote content and your products and services through email marketing to drive more traffic & increase sales.

There are countless advantages that come with email marketing services that businesses could never overlook. Though we couldn’t state them all, below listed are the top 5 benefits that every business should be aware of. Let’s dive straight in!

No Character Limits: Email gives the advantage of unlimited content and space. Unlike many social media platforms, you are not limited to any character limit or media types that you can share with the recipient to grab their attention. According to Diymarketers, the average attention span of a customer is only “8” seconds, yes it is short, but email gives an unlimited possibility to catch your prospect’s attention within this short time, considering your message is to the point and have an eye-catchy design. To make email marketing effective, make sure your contents are easy to scan at a glance and get the focused message, but also offers readers the alternatives for more information if they want.

Campaign Matrics: A proper data analysis is the heart of any successful marketing campaign. Many platforms offer unbelievable market estimation. Email marketing services, on the other hand, offer precise and reliable metrics, including open rates, clicks, delivery rates, and subscriber retention rates. An email marketing company knows how crucial theses information is and so should you. These numbers are the insight of your clients’ interests and behaviours and you can personalize your campaign in order to make the conversion rate even higher than the market average.

Low Cost & Good ROI: Email marketing costs very little. The return on email marketing has been shown to grow each year. A study conducted by Campaign Monitor found that every $1 invested in email marketing services equalled a $44 ROI. And that’s an increase of almost $10 from the year prior!

Build strong customer relations: Email benefits your business is by building strong customer relationships. Delivering regular, engaging information that adds value to your customers will assist you to earn their respect and trust over time. It will further guarantee that they look forward to and pay attention to your businesses’ emails. Think about the future benefit of the clients on your email list, not just what they can buy from you today.

Easy to Use: Setting-up an email campaign is easy. If you have no idea about it, you can ask for help from an email marketing company like Unicode Solutions at a very low cost. If you are going to run solo anyway, we can suggest some great free software that can upload subscriber’s data, filter your prospects, use free templates and send your emails to your subscribers on a regular basis. Two of our favourite email clients are Mail Chimp and Constant Contact. However, to really stand out, instead of using a free template, create a personalized mailer that matches your business and can be even more effective.

Email marketing is an extremely effective digital marketing tool that should be an essential part of any business’s marketing strategy. If you don’t have it, you are losing your customers and you are risking your business’s future. To start effective engagement with customers, contact the best email marketing company Unicode Solutions today. Let us help you to migrate into the digital age!

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How to Deal with Fake Negative Reviews on Google

For a business owner, dealing with a fake negative review is a growing concern. In the age of the internet, people can set up an anonymous account and leave a review for a business that can affect the businesses’ reputation, even though the user never engaged with the organization before.

Although Google has introduced numerous policies and updates to deal with posting fake negative reviews, however, until now, they haven’t introduced to catch those users who regularly violate the review policy. It is therefore crucial that you keep a keen eye on your Google My Business listing, your social media pages and any place where people can write about you to ensure fake reviews are dealt with as fast possible.

In this blog, we’ve laid out a few processes for how to deal with fake negative reviews of a business, including how to report fake reviews and what to do when removal isn’t possible.

Flag and remove a fake Google review: Alright, you have found a fake negative review and now you don’t want it on your Google My Business page. Before removing it, you must flag it and report it and the best way to do this is by using Google maps. Here’s how to do it:

  • Find your business listing on Google Maps and go to reviews.
  • Identify the review posted by the fraudster.
  • Click the three vertical dots(hamburger menu) on the right side of the Google business review.
  • You are almost done, select “flag as inappropriate” & that’s it, you are done for now. Respond on your Google My Business page Users are often read the way a business handles a negative review to see if you genuinely care about your clients. Make sure you reply to the review in the right way without letting your emotions overpower you. Build a well throughout and professional response to a fake negative review, if you don’t have any plan, consider taking help from a digital marketing company that deals with these types of reviews regularly. If you want to deal with your own anyway, here’s what Google proposes to do when leaving a response:
  • Respond timely.
  • Thank your reviewers.
  • Be honest about mistakes if any.
  • Be a friend, not a salesperson.
  • Apologize when appropriate.
  • Stay nice and abstain from getting personal.

Take help from your customers: Finally, if you have spotted a fake review, you can take help from your existing clients. How? Well, you can share the fake reviews to your social media channels and ask them to be the judge of your business policy and services. You will be surprised by the number of responses you will get and to help you, even more, your customers can post positive reviews about your business which will diminish the credibility of fake reviews.

Though the above steps seem simple and easy to execute, however, it’s much trickier to get rid of a fake review. Keeping a constant sharp eye on Google my business page is necessary to fight bad reviews. However, running a business and constantly hunting for a fake review is a daunting task. This is much worse if you don’t have experience in SEO or digital marketing. To have a great review page you can take help from a professional digital marketing company who can keep a sharp eye on your page all the time to fight fake reviews.

Unicode Solutions is an expert on all the things SEO, Google, and social media. If you have been looking for a digital marketing company in Delhi to fight fake negative reviews, it is time you pick up the phone.

Unicode Solutions drive Digital Transformation and enhance business performance with Process Automation.