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Unicode solutions is an elite PPC agency and we recommend pay per click services as the one digital marketing move for maximum brand exposure within the quickest possible timeline. We pack a powerful punch when we boost our pay per click services with your individually customized campaigns. For the PPC advertising budget that you set, we design digital campaigns to bump up your adverts on major search engines and on relevant partner websites that precisely cater to your target audience.

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Services A Tried & Tested Approach, With Proven Results
Types of Ads A Tried & Tested Approach, With Proven Results
Expand your reach with PPC Services
Being an experienced PPC services company, we believe a wasted click is a wasted lead. Our keyword research is exhaustive with multiple comparison charts helping us to block significant keywords with the best quality score to increase the number of clicks at a reduced cost. We are an action driven pay per click advertising agency offering responsive landing pages designed for increasing your PPC advertisement outreach. We also offer analytical tools like knowledge graphs, click through trends and semantic search schemas to personalize the preferences for your customers increasing the range of target audiences for your PPC advertisements.
To retain our position as one of the best ppc services company in Delhi, our strategies focus on custom digital campaigns designed with a unique combination of SEO and PPC services catapulting your business to higher visibility and better lead generation. High quality traffic generation and conversion increase
  • High quality traffic generation and conversion increase
  • Ad insights
  • Identifying keyword opportunities for your business
  • Custom ad design
  • Analyzing competition
  • Monitoring and optimization of your ads
  • Performance tracking
  • Demographic and keyword targeting
  • Landing page optimization
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A Tried & Tested Approach, With Proven Results

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Like hedge fund investments, PPC campaigns need CPC adjustment strategies. As a leading ppc agency in Delhi, we understand the need to distribute the budget between high volume and low volume keywords. The goal is to increase the ROI per click while reducing the bounce rate. We offer personalized services to our clients and every account is critical to us. When you opt for Unicode Solutions optimized Pay per Click Management services you can expect - dedicated campaign manager, arsenal of CRM tools and 24x7 exclusive client support.