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How to Improve your Ecommerce Conversion Rate
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You put quite a lot into your eCommerce website development project. Now, you have an excellent e-commerce website with amazing design aspects, friendly navigation menu. You offer great products with good pricing. However, your conversion is not what you expected. And users are abandoning their carts very often. And that’s concerning the situation for your business’s survivability. Want to get out of this mess? Let’s take a look at some of the most effective ways to improve your current situation.


Have a clear CTA: Are you taking care of CTA (Call-to-Action)? A great CTA is an exceptional ROI machine. Placing it in the right way will do the magic. According to HubSpot, anchor text CTAs have boosted overall conversion rates by 121%. More than 80% of leads generally comes directly from CTA buttons. If you can make the button personalized, you can expect 42% more users going successfully through your sales funnel. If your website doesn’t have the CTA, it is time you must consider integrating one right away.


Use Ecommerce Conversion Tools: If you think you have to spend a lot of money to boost your eCommerce conversion, then you are quite mistaken. There are many free and premium applications you can use to track and improve your conversion rate. The following some of the applications commerce development companies recommend- Google Analytics, HotJar, Formisimo, Google Forms and more. These tools can assist you to recognize user behaviour. Change things accordingly and you will get the result. We said many of them are free, right!?


Use SEO: 90% of users make use of the search engine even before purchasing anything. 75% of them only click on the top 3 SERP. So, if you can place your website in that slot you will see an exceptional boost in conversion rate. Your online business needs traffic. And Ecommerce SEO can drive organic traffic to your online place to boost sales.


Your e-commerce website has been up for a while and you are not getting good returns? You might take a closer look at the above points. Your cost of eCommerce website and other expenses will only be paid off if you take matters seriously. Every aspect of your website can make or break your dream. So it is imperative that you take every step carefully and by calculating every risk.


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Top Reasons Why Successful Businesses Choose Custom Web Development

A custom website development is an out of the box solution to match customers’ unique tastes. This is a solution developed solely keeping into consideration the business’s prerequisites, functionalities, customer demography, services, products and more. To make it short, custom website development services meant to entertain all your needs and wants.


Yes, there is off the shelf solution which is good and becoming more robust. However, if you have a plan to let your website outshine other competitors, then custom web development is the best choice as it has a tremendous impact on your business growth. Here’s why:


  • It builds a brand identity for your organization and makes the best first impression. Template-based websites make your website look generic and unsuitable.


  • Custom websites made by website development company offer robust capabilities and can have unique, tailored features personalized to individual visitors, users, and customers.


  • Cybersecurity is a common threat. If you want to build a website with tight security, custom code is the only option. You add an extra level of security, authentication tool and many more.  Whereas, in the case of a basic layout design you can have only the security choice that it supports.


  • The navigation part of your website is one of the important parts. The more you confuse your customer they will spend less time on your website. A custom website development company gives you the chance to make your navigation simple and easy to follow through.


  • Avoids additional management and interface complexity normally offered by extra functions given by template products that do not ever need or required for one’s own business by costs a lot.


  • Scalability is always an issue for a template-based website. A custom website development service, on the other hand, offers an unmatched scalable option. Your business will grow and you will need a more robust and flexible marketplace. And only a custom website will be able to match up with your growing needs.


Custom website development services can help you to connect with your clients; it is not so much expensive but offers exceptional benefits. This similarity makes us understand the comfort and satisfaction that comes with customization. A similar relationship applies to sites when considering to go with a custom design. With a little bit of study, you could find a website development and designing company in Delhi who would do it for you as per the specific needs of your business. This will enable you to obtain an exceptional product that will deliver outstanding services to your users.

Unicode Solutions drive Digital Transformation and enhance business performance with Process Automation.
Tips on How to Research Your Competition

The purpose of doing a competitive analysis is to find out the weakness & strengths of the competitors in the market. This analysed data will help the business with clear benefits. You can take fair action to prevent them from taking a share of your market niche. Besides this, this data can help you to understand if you have any weaknesses as well. So, indirectly, Market research and competitive analysis help you not become vulnerable to your competitors.

How to Do a Competitive Analysis:


Use multiple platforms: Today, every research work begins from Google. Right? Well, there’s more than that. To take the deepest dive, you have to look beyond a solo search engine. A professional marketing research company will never make use of one tool to do productive competitive analysis. For instance, you can use the backlink checker tool to monitor how many backlinks they are getting and from where. You can go ahead and do a manual analysis of your competitor’s website as well as to understand their SEO strategy because SEO is essential for every business. To make it short, go for alternative research tools and ways. Don’t rely on a single platform.

Analyze the inventory: Study your competitor’s inventory very carefully. Uncover which products are selling and which are not. Take note of their most popular products and find out which products are customers unhappy with. Analyse the targeted audience and understand their response patterns on particular ads. Does it seem a lot of work? Indeed it is. And if you are not comfortable, consult with a professional digital marketing company.

Track public platforms: Social media marketing plays a crucial role in businesses’ success. So, while you are collecting data about your competitors, do not forget to follow them on public platforms. Study carefully about their content, the timing and how customers are engaging with the posts. Take note of this information and personalize your campaign to stay ahead in the game.

The business environment is becoming more aggressive and competitive. The importance of having a well-analysed report of your competitors plays a significant role in gaining success. If you do not know how to do this job, hire professional SEO service providers or digital marketing company to ensure the best ROI. There are some very good marketing research companies in Delhi who make use of white hat digital marketing practices to drive results and If your goal is to sell service & products online they can help you to reach your goal.

Unicode Solutions drive Digital Transformation and enhance business performance with Process Automation.