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Why Market Research is crucial for businesses?
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Market research offers exceptional insight into your competitors, recognizes customers’ needs and preferences, buying patterns, market trends, market vulnerabilities and more. This is the reason a successful entrepreneur never skip market research. However, if you are missing this, then you are losing out a lot of opportunities. How? Well, below find the top 4 reasons:

Identify opportunity: Knowing what your customer needs and wants are necessary for business success. If you do not know what your customer wants then how you will sell them anything, right? Market research by professional marketing intelligence company in Delhi, India can identify your targeted audience and demography. This data will help you to understand your prospects in detail and you will be able to personalize your campaign so make positive clicks.

Lower Business Risks: You already know what your customer needs and how much they need. So there’s no chance of overstocking. When you know your customer, you can make use of the resources you have more efficiently which reduces the risk of wasting money, time and effort. Experienced Market research agency also can identify low-risk, high-reward areas where your company can expand or offer new services and products.

Read your competitors: Marketing research is a great tool you can make use of to do comparative studies and that is why marketers are tapping into marketing intelligence. You can analyze your businesses’ growth as well as the progress of your business rivals. By utilizing marketing intelligence, you can construct business policies that would keep you ahead of your competitors.

Testing: Before launching your product or service in mass, you must run a test drive. Why? Well, You can never be 100% sure about the success of your services and products. This test drive will ensure you are not making any big mistakes, even if it fails you won’t lose a lot and maybe most importantly, you will save your brand name from delivering bad services or products to the marketplace!

We have seen many business administrators skip market research and concentrate on the product & service development. If you are like that, then your business is destined to fail and we have already mentioned the reason above. What if you don’t have experience in marketing research? Well, we can take care of that. We are known as one of the best marketing research company in Delhi and we are here to share our knowledge to help you get the business success you deserve. So, are you interested?


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How Digital Marketing is helping Ecommerce to grow?

ECommerce is best known for selling and buying products or services over the World Wide Web. A platform, where the buyer and seller connect seamlessly. This industry has progressed so much in the last few years that more than a billion buyers are shopping online. Needless to say, the increasing number has raised the competition and to stay ahead one must think a unique approach to reach the audience. This is where digital marketing warriors can help. How? We are here to answer that!


SEO: Google is accountable for 96% of all mobile search traffic, and more than 90% of the total organic traffic. People who are in the top SERP results get astounding growth in traffic and overall sales. If you think that the top spot in SERP is reserved for elites, then you are thinking wrong. You can get help from an SEO services company in Delhi to dominate the SERP result. SEO offers every business a chance to compete and attract its share targeted traffic.


SEM: Don’t think SEM and SEO are the same things. Yes, they both fall under a digital marketing plan, however, they are destined to serve a different purpose. Want to promote your product faster? Search engine marketing services are a great tool that can fulfil your purpose with an affordable budget. This is a highly targeted marketing approach and you spend only on click. The ROI is astounding and you can expect a 140% higher click-through rate!


SMM: There are 3.499 billion active social media users. This number alone gives a chill to an eCommerce entrepreneur. 81% of all small and medium businesses use some kind of social platform to promote their services and products. However, as an eCommerce business owner, you must take social media more seriously. Why? Well, according to Social media marketing agency Today, a customer spends about 20- 40 of their money on brands who promote products in social media channels! So, do you need more clarification?


An E-commerce platform can’t increase Leads and Sales without Digital Marketing. Best Digital marketing services company could make it possible by grabbing maximum attention from the target audiences and helping out your business to convert those into sales. However, the digital marketing process must start from the beginning and from the beginning, we mean from the inception of your website.


Talk to an eCommerce design and development company in Delhi about your goal so they can build your eCommerce site by adhering to digital marketing guidelines. Interested to know more? Pick up your phone and get in touch with Unicode Solutions, the best digital marketing services company in Delhi.

Unicode Solutions drive Digital Transformation and enhance business performance with Process Automation.
How CRM Make Your Sales pipeline More Efficient

Sales pipeline management is not a child’s play. This is the reason custom CRM software development is becoming more popular day by day. This software brings in a lot of benefits to the table for business. In fact, according to Nucleus Research, the average ROI for CRM is $8.71 for every dollar spent. According to Adam Enfroy, people who have adopted CRM, 48 % of them have reported improved efficiency of sales-funnel. There are more numbers like this which can prove the point that “CRM software development matters” and few of them you can find here.

Find below top three ways your CRM had can your sales pipelines more efficient:

Lead nurturing: Lead nurturing programs are now imperative to move contacts into prospects and transform them into sales-ready opportunities. And to do so, you must take measurable steps to keep up the communication record with your prospects. Sounds difficult right? Well, it is if you are doing it manually. A good custom CRM software comes with features that can efficiently nurture leads. This CRM will maintain comprehensive data of each customer engagement, but also to guide you with the right follow-up communication as well. The most basic lead capture methods that can be done through CRM are Spreadsheet imports, Webform integration, Mail imports, Social media imports and more.

Boost engagement: Sales reps sending emails to your leads manually? If yes, then you must look into these tools. CRM is designed to boost engagement efficiency with customers. This tool comes with scheduling features which really handy tool to get things moving automatically. Are your sales reps missing an important meeting or customer calls? Guess what, CRM can take care of that as well. This tool is can send reminders to the responsible person so they do not drop any sales opportunities.

Mobile CRM: Your sales reps won’t sit by and bring in sales. They will go out to meet with possible leads to convert them into a customer. However, when they are out, they must be able to access all the information they require to answer any customer query. But, how they will be able to get what they want? Well, if you have a CRM software development strategy in place, they can obtain any data from any part of the world with an active internet connection. Mobile CRM build by a custom CRM software development company helps sales reps reach their sales quota fast.

CRM software development company in Delhi, India can keep everything in a centralized place, and it would help you to bring in new sales by keeping up the existing client healthy. Contact us for more information.


Unicode Solutions drive Digital Transformation and enhance business performance with Process Automation.