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The Impact of Website Design on your Business
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According to research done by the prestigious Missouri University of Science and Technology, it takes less than two-tenths of a single second for a visitor to form an opinion regarding your brand. This indicates that your website can either guarantee prospects to purchase your products or make them go elsewhere. When your site has less than a second to affect customer’s purchasing decisions, you must recognize which things need to be prioritized.

In this post, we’ll take a look at 4 major aspects of web design and how they directly affect a business’s success.

Design and Credibility: Regardless of what you offer, why a user will buy from you? Definitely, the cost & quality of products or services are crucial, but in the age of dodgy sellers and mistrust, a user moreover wants to feel they are obtaining service or purchasing products from a credible and reliable source. This is where your responsive website design plays a significant role.

Having a credible looking website helps people to build trust. Recent market research conducted by Usability found that a good looking website was given a rating of 4 out of 5 on the relative importance scale. This implies, people rated the design of the website as one of the most essential trust factors since it boosts the credibility of the business & therefore encourages them to become your customers.

Brand Consistency: If your business has a logo that is being utilized quite often in various print materials, then the logo and brand colour must be carried over to the website design. It is crucial that your existing clients recognize your brand in all forms of communication so they relate your brand position and promise with your organization. Oftentimes, businesses change the visual aspects of a brand which may cause customers to feel uncomfortable, which can a negative relationship with your business that reduces sales in great numbers.

Design an obvious and relevant website: A website offers great opportunity to assist you in generating leads for your business, whether you are using digital marketing or traditional marketing method to reach new prospects. When prospects land on your website, they must understand immediately what to do. They should not wonder about the meaning of a web page or how it adds meaning to them. You accomplish this by paying attention to the design of the website only. Customers want a clear path. Do not overwhelm your customers with way too much information. Tailor your call-to-action button so that your customers know exactly where to go to make a successful purchase.

Navigation matters: According to many web development companies, this is the most crucial part of a website. The navigation can make or break your entire website, which is completely true for websites having more than ten pages. A website navigation system generally contents a navigation bar that differentiates each page with another. Well, designed navigation is easy to use and the user can go from one page to another, without investing too much effort. When designing a website sometimes less experienced website designer get carried away and implement fancy UI/UX which is difficult to navigate. This is the reason, when designing a website you must hire a professional web designing company instead of hiring an amateur.


Website design is a great way to create a user-friendly environment where people come for helpful tips and make purchases. If a website is designed and managed properly by a professional web designing company like Unicode Solutions, customers will continuously return to your site and do business with your company. So what are you waiting for? Contact the best web designing and development company in Delhi and start developing a website that delivers.

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Why is Content Marketing important for your business?

When it comes to polishing your brand by offering users with answers to particular questions in the vastness of the World Wide Web, content marketing has the biggest impact.

There should not be any second thought regarding the importance of content marketing. Yes, it works for building brand awareness, generating leads and draw more customer loyalty, but it’s not the point. It is essential because it has grown to be the new normal for the consumer side.

Why is Content Marketing Important for your Business?

Content marketing is an essential part of the digital marketing strategy. A professional content marketing company offers important, helpful, useful and valuable information to their readers. There are various reasons why content marketing is essential;

Improve brand awareness: One of the most crucial aspects of content marketing is, it helps businesses to grow brand awareness by sharing quality content which establishes a business reputation. Through this, you will be able to generate more awareness and build trust among your potential customers. When a user reads your content and finds it valuable, educational and informative, they will automatically start developing a feeling for your brand. This is the reason people today believe Wikipedia more than they believe in the news sites. So, the more valuable content you share it is easier for you to build more trust among your targeted customers.

Improve SEO: When a user types a key phrase into Google, the search engine in the background is going through a lot of hard work to bring you the most relevant data based on your typed keywords. When you are building professional content only for sharing valuable information to your targeted rather pushing some flashy “Buy from Me” ads, Google recognizes your content as useful and offer the answer to user searching, hence it will rank higher in the SERP.

Shareable on social media: Social media is everywhere, and having a strong presence there is essential for the success of the business. Social media is a platform where you can share a tremendous amount of content and reach thousands, even millions within minutes! You can share your content through text, images and video on social media sites like Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, etc. However, it goes past that, and this is the capability of content marketing. Your targeted audience can sell for you by sharing your content on their social field, provided you are sharing the right content at the right time! Yes, you read it right!

Generates More Leads: We have kept the best for the last, this is a big one! For a business owner, this should come at number 1. Because business makes use of digital marketing companies only to boost revenue. Yes, it is important to build trust and awareness but to continue your effort of sharing valuable information, you have to gain new leads and turn them into your customers as well. Content marketing helps users to find you through your useful and informative content. Most of the time this is before they are even able to decide to buy. Indicating, your opponent isn’t even in the picture! To survive, businesses require leads to sell, and content marketing is the way to reach them.

Back to you! Content Marketing is changing how customers get in contact with the brand. A good digital marketing agency knows this and knows how to implement the formulation of content in their overall digital marketing policy. Contact the best digital marketing agency in Delhi for awesome content creation.

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E-commerce website costs: how much do you need to start?

As we all know that eCommerce changed business but the age-old question is the cost! To be honest with you, accurately estimating how much you need to spend on building an e-commerce website is a mystery. An E-commerce website cost varies widely depending on the feature/ sophistication you want to have. So, your price will depend on your needs and requirement. However, since you are already here, looking for an answer, as a custom eCommerce website designing company, we think we can give you some pointers to evaluate the cost of developing your e-commerce website.

Below are the top 5 things you must consider when doing your research for a solution and related expenses:

Customer base: How many users will visit your website? This is a question you must consider prior to estimating your expenses. Why? Because the expected traffic will determine the program & platforms to be used. A small shop with low traffic will be more affordable than one with higher visitors. When you have a large volume of traffic you will need dedicated hosting and you have to go through frequent maintenance updates to run the website smoothly. All of this requires more work hour and expert professional thus knowing your traffic volume is crucial to calculate the proper estimate.

Domain name: Your domain name is your identity. To start your e-commerce business, you must acquire a website domain name first. A domain is really affordable. You can find domain name vendors like GoDaddy are offering domain name as low as at 99 rupees!

The Cost of Hosting and Security: An e-commerce website collects user data to better serve their clients. This means you as the owner of your e-commerce business, you are obligated to, offer the best security and privacy to prevent any data leakage. Talk to your selected vendor about their security measures. make sure you compare prices and SLA (Service Level Agreements) before getting into any agreement.

E-commerce website design pricing: The overall design of your e-commerce website is a crucial factor that can determine your business success. If your e-commerce page looks old and dull, you will lose your clients left and right. To make sure this doesn’t happen, you must acquire a design style that matches your brand. A simple website theme looks better, costs less and functions the way you would expect. If you have limited funds, we as custom website development company would suggest you acquire a simple design at the beginning and then migrate to higher-end/ world-class design when you have enough funds to allocate.

The Cost of Financial Transactions: Finally, we have payment processing. More than 70% transaction of e-commerce websites happens through a payment gateway. To operate an e-commerce business, you must have a shopping cart solution and a merchant bank account. Payment gateways and shopping carts are generally low-cost in terms of an upfront investment. However, ongoing transitional charges range between 1 to 5 percent based on the amount.

As you can see, there are many things to consider building an e-commerce website. If you want an affordable solution, there are many off the shelf options are available. However, if you are looking for better customer engagement and performance, consider building a custom e-commerce website by professionals like Unicode Solutions. Though the cost will be a bit higher, however, you will get the return and more within months.

Do you have an idea in mind of an E-commerce project?

We’ll be glad to discuss your website idea with you and present an accurate e-commerce website development quote together with expert consultation by the business analyst and software architect.

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