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How Ecommerce SEO Can Drive Organic Traffic on your Site
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Right at the moment, while you are reading this post, someone on the internet is probably looking for something to buy. 70% online customer does go through a search engine before they buy anything from a website. Wouldn’t that be lovely to get those persons as your customer? Yes, the quality of the service and products matters for business success. However, if your customers don’t know how to find your business out of thousands of e-commerce organization, how would make even a sale in the first place? This is where an E-commerce SEO comes into play. An SEO services company in Delhi can place strategically plans which will help to generate more organic traffic through search engine results.

Google Search Results

Why Google is the best search engine? Well, because its developers are constantly changing the algorithm so users can search for things more effortlessly and efficiently. It is worth mentioning that everything Google displays aren’t organic though. The first couple of results pays to list. Definitely, people prefer the first few results, but there’s a catch though. It has been observed that users generally consider ads and they go for organic results only. So if you can able to rank on the top list, you will be able to draw a lot more sales. However, getting the top spot isn’t an easy job. Before introducing SEO, you have to take help from a professional eCommerce website development company so your eCommerce site can be built in accordance with Google’s SEO algorithm.

High-Converting Traffic

Having the ability to sell online is essential for today’s market. Your competitors are already using SEO practices to strengthen their online presence and if you want to get past through them, you must use digital marketing services now. The more you delay, the more your websites get pushed behind.

Optimizing your eCommerce portal doesn’t necessarily mean only driving online traffic. However, it will build more robust business opportunities for you. It has been observed that 43 % of organic traffic who is searching for something online tends to pass through the sales funnel. Isn’t that massive?

E-Commerce SEO vs Social Media Paid Ads

Organic traffic is free, yes you are paying to eCommerce website development company or SEO service provider, but it offers the highest return as well. However, today, many people rely on social media, while it’s a good idea to promote through popular social media marketing services, but in order to generate valuable traffic, you have to pay a lot and every single day.


To secure the top rank in Google, you are paying however, once you reach that top point, you will drive a tremendous amount of customers very fast. With perfectly placed SEO strategy by professional  SEO service provider like us, you will get thousands, even hundreds of thousands of interested clients every single month without paying a single penny for the click.


Those points are great and promising, aren’t they? But to get there you need to know some strategic tips that will guarantee your eCommerce business success. Want to know what are those strategies? Well, we have talked about it earlier in our post and you can find that here.


In the end, taking the lead in Google’s search result isn’t children’s play, but with a strategic partnership with an SEO service provider, you can reach that goal swiftly. Yes, it will take some time. The ranking solely depends on the website, your strategies, product, location and many more. We, as one of the best website designing and  SEO services companies in Delhi, want to say that, don’t be in a hurry, make use of only Google’s approved SEO method and while you are in the hunt for an SEO company, make sure to recruit the best one. You will get there.

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How to build secure Web Applications

Since the advent of web applications, security experts raised their voices regarding the vulnerabilities in web applications. And unfortunately, the concerns are becoming real. Today the news of a website or web application are getting hacked are everywhere. Underground forums such as Reddit, BuzzFeed or most of the time in the dark web, black hat hackers are sharing web application vulnerabilities to the masses to bring businesses into their knees. No matter what you do, you won’t be able to secure your application 100%. Even a trillion-dollar company like Apple gets hacked. Even NASA does!


However, hops haven’t lost yet. We have prepared this blog to help you recognize the security of your application holistically and give you a range of ways to guarantee that it’s as secure as it can be, as well as always improving. Let’s start with number one.

Query parameterisation:
SQL Injection is a nightmare for many web application development companies throughout the world. The security firm has found that SQL Injection can steal the password. The government website, social networking website already has fallen victims many times. As per the recent report, more than 7 % of all websites contains SQL Injection. While many claims to be this comes from directly from the vendor, but the problem lies in the development side instead. As codes could potentially be stolen, wiped, modified, or even used to run malicious operating system commands against your database.


The best way to resolve this vulnerability lies with the programming technique known as Query Parameterisation.


Secure password storage
: How does your application storing the password? Hopefully not as text! Today, even standard hashing algorithms like MD5 are failing due to the mass availability of inexpensive computing resources and tools like rainbow tables which can target modest strength passwords and decipher them in almost real-time! The use of rainbow tables has reduced significantly and the reason is the black hat hackers have migrated to more sophisticated attacks like a high-speed dictionary attack which can be launched from a basic home computer.


If high-speed dictionary attacks feel a really sophisticated one, then how about 25 billion attempts per second to crack the password? Though the process may sound like a sci-fi story from a great novel, it’s happening. Hackers are utilizing home PC and building GPU cracking rigs which have sufficient power to execute more than 25 billion attempts per second against stored passwords. If you really want to safeguard the password from these types of malicious attacks, we would recommend you use a one-way algorithm, use a salt, and use an algorithm that is slow to stop GPU cracking rigs and similar attacks. The SCRYPT and PBKDF2 are great examples that can be used to safely store the credential as well.


Usage of HTTP headers:
The HTTP headers are a problematic child! The reason behind this is that it is quite easy to manipulate the data here. Yes, they do offer some features. However, take note, you can never depend on this particular practice to offer security, For instance, the REFERER header can show the page redirecting to the transaction and this URLs can be manipulated to redirect into any malicious directory. Whenever you have to use a header, make sure it is perfectly encrypted. Although it is better to skip the entire header part, however, if it’s been placed securely, they do delay the constant hacking attempt initiated by malicious users. For example, if you can use the REFERER to disqualify some requests from outside the site, the malicious attacker has to work around and they have to spend more time to overcome the obstacle.


Encryption is the key aspect of offering the best security to the users. You can make use of the SSL certificate to encrypt the data stream completely. If your web application does bank transactions, every step must be secured with SSL. However, don’t rely completely on SSL alone. Take absolute steps in order to safeguard each and every process of the transaction. As one of the best web development company in Delhi, India, we would also want to suggest that never make use of IP address in the URL, instead use the hostname to secure the application. In addition to securing the data stream with SSL, it is crucial that you encrypt particular fields in the HTML forms and manage the URLs within the pages.


Out of the above options, the main way to safeguard your application by joining hands with the team. Yes, there will be some time when you have to fix a visible problem instantly. However, the application will grow and it would be difficult to deal with in terms of security. Putting the best web application practice in the place and working with the best web application development team will definitely help to reduce the vulnerability footprint.

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Why Marketers Are Tapping Into Marketing Intelligence

The interaction of business organizations with the customers is constantly changing due to rapid development and abundant use of technologies. To keep up with the growing market changes, a business owner must understand current analytical methods that hone in on data points to express the prospect’s interaction and behaviour with businesses’ products and services.

Without any doubt, marketing intelligence is the foundation of any business growth plan. Finding out customer insight and gathering sales data will definitely help to prepare an action plan that leads to business success. The greater and more flawless the data the more opportunities, business can gain.


About 50% of respondents who use marketing intelligence services have said that they have improved client satisfaction and they experience a huge number of client retention.


The importance of marketing intelligence services is crucial and to prove our point, let’s have a look at some of the proven stats about marketing intelligence(2017):


Improving customer loyalty and retention by a vast margin of 45%. ROI has been improved and through intelligent marketing analysis, brands stay ahead of their competitors. Customer engagement has been boosted by about 36% and the financial outcome has been improved by about 30%. With accurate data, the capability to test brand new marketing initiative has reached 27%.


Every business organization can build a marketing plan, however, the most fruitful plan is to make use of marketing intelligence service providers. Every business has its own individual goals and by using marketing intelligence, they can set a unique path to achieve that target. According to Google Analytics Solutions, marketers, digital marketers who make use of a minimum of five analytics tools are bound to see at least 39% improvement in their overall marketing program.


Intelligent marketing data consist of qualitative and quantitative information from the future and existing clients through every available resource. Yes, you can use the tools to acquire marketing data, however, most of the time businesses hire Marketing intelligence companies to do the work for them. With their expertise in this arena, they can make use of digital tools which offer deep insight about possible leads’ buying pattern, latest marketing trend as well as their liking. Today, marketing intelligence is coming with integrated AI and Machine learning, intelligence which is boosting the effectiveness of already famous Marketing Intelligence processes. Now with these state of the art tools, marketers can segregate potential leads according to their age, gender, location and their previous interaction to push perfect sales speech!


Hopefully, now you can see why Marketers are opting out more and more for Marketing Intelligence. It is proven, practical, efficient and above all, it works period. However, if you are still in doubt, you can get in touch with Market research company in Delhi for more information on the subject.

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