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How to Create a Google Ads Strategy Plan That Drives Results
Google Ads Service Provider

According to Google Economic Impact Report, a business makes about USD 2 on every dollar they spend on Google Ads. Ads that come in the top 3 positions tend to draw almost 40% of total internet traffic. Many numbers like this can prove that Google Ads are an exceptional tool that delivers a business its success. And these facts are recognized by business communities around the world. This is the reason more and more entrepreneurs are investing in Google Ads for a lucrative outcome.


However, like many other places, you cannot just simply buy tickets to success. No matter how much budget you have allocated for Google Ads, without proper planning and strategy, the marketing campaign is destined to fail. When you are thinking about running Google ads, you have to clear your goals, budget, keywords and more. Besides this, Google keeps changing its algorithm every now and then. So, the job gets more difficult. Even for the cleverest digital marketer. To make it short, building an effective Google Ads strategy is a painful job. If you want to see success, you have to play your card wisely. And here’s how you can do that.


Tips that drive results and save cash!


Analyse audience: Before getting into anything, you have to understand your business niches. Based on this, you have to prepare your plans. Google ads are a highly targeted method to draw interested customers. Hence, the more you know about your prospect the better your results will be. Besides this, you will pay Google for every single click. So, if you are running a campaign for the masses, you will not receive targeted customers, but Google will charge you for unnecessary clicks. This is the reason you must consult with a Digital marketing company to find your targeted customer.


Have Specific Goal: It is quite easy to get over ambitious at the beginning. It can get worse if you have a good budget! No matter how much you are ready to invest, allocate them in different parts or goals. Select a particular goal and assign the budget for the best result. You cannot simply maintain more than two or three goals. It would be nerve breaking even for the most professional and experienced PPC Agency in India. Make small goals, allocate enough budgets and achieve the result. It should be your marketing mantra.


Be curious: The work Google Ads Strategy is never done. Once it’s up and running, you’ll need to constantly analyse and make changes to increase efficiency and to reduce the cost of Google Ads. Keep changing the ads’ variations, keywords, landing pages, timings and anything else you can think of to see what works and what doesn’t. Remember, there are always many other ways to boost your revenue through Google ads. So never stop trying new things.


Make a dedicated landing page: Many times we have seen entrepreneurs want to redirect Google ads traffic to their home page. If you want to do this, as a Digital marketing company, we would say that you are going to make a huge mistake. It has been proven that redirection to the home page is a terrible choice. And it doesn’t offer results. Instead, take help from a website development company and build a dedicated landing page where the main focus of the content and elements are “selling”.


While you are running the Google Ads campaign, you always need to make changes and experiment. A small change in the strategy can bring a lot of positive clicks for your business. So don’t be shy to take a bold step. And if you want to reduce the number of mistakes or want the faster result, then get in touch with the top digital marketing agency like us and start growing.

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Best CRM Software for Ecommerce Websites

While there are a huge number of choices about good CRM tools out there, it really depends on your specifications. Cost, number of users, functionalities, etc. should be taken into account prior to zeroing in on the right tool.


However, if you’re looking for a top-rated and feature-rich CRM, the custom CRM software by Unicode Solutions can be idle. It’s not only superior to other off the shelf solutions, but it brings in quite a lot of handy features that excel in an eCommerce business in many ways. And here’s how it does it:


Modular: An off the shelf solution rarely works for anyone or for any business. Every business has a different sales cycle, sales pipeline, customer demographics, service, and products. Hence, you need a solution that matches your business aspect. Our CRM works for everyone and for every business domain. How? Our CRM is flexible and modular. Once we get the contract, we develop the CRM according to your business niche. All the features and customization are there to serve you and your businesses’ purposes only.


Scalable: Just because your CRM is working well and fulfilling the needs today, it doesn’t mean it will work ideally forever. E-commerce business grows very fast. Hence, you will need an online marketplace where you can add your new service and products easily. Our CRMs is scalable. What this means is, you can add an unlimited number of products on your page without needing to pay more. And this works with technological changes as well. Our CRM can adapt to new technological changes fast with one single request from the client-side. Where, off the shelf solution CRM providers might take months or even years to bring in new features to the board.


Consumer Mapping: Social CRM feature is great to attract new leads for your eCommerce business from different social media channels. It helps to even boost your marketing strategy as well. However, though off the shelf CRM does come with the feature, it doesn’t mean that it will target your niche market. The reason? Well, it’s not specifically made for your business. A CRM Software development Company can personalize this feature to target people who are genuinely interested in your service/ products. The result is reduced marketing cost and quality leads & revenue.


Integration: Seamless integration is crucial for extending the capability of your business. However, most of the time, if you buy an eCommerce CRM from the market, your existing applications will get obsolete or you won’t be able to use them at all. The job of integration is painful and most of the time it won’t work properly. Unless you have acquired CRM from Unicode Solutions. We know your existing business application is important for you. And we develop the CRM in a way that it operates seamlessly with the existing software. This makes the CRM more capable, user-friendly and promotes productivity.


So what is the Best CRM Software for Ecommerce Websites? Well, the answer is simple. The best CRM is a tool which is only meant to serve your business and interest, regardless of type and industry.


So are you ready to own your CRM to excel in your eCommerce business? If yes, then get in touch with the best CRM Software development Company & Ecommerce website development company.






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Top 5 Reasons to Advertise on Facebook

There are more than 2.4 billion users on Facebook. It is one of the most used and adored social networking sites today. The sheer number of users alone makes it obvious that there is no stopping Facebook from growing. In the last 10 years or so the CEO and the website have already been through a lot of controversies. However, there was barely any effect on its huge user base. While Facebook was originally designed as a social network program only, but since its inception, it has grown beyond this boundary and is now becoming the darling of social media marketing agencies. Here are 5 top reasons why you should advertise on Facebook.


1. Let’s dive into some facts. 80% of users who have internet connection use Facebook. The billion of users check their Facebook feed almost every single day. And most of them do this several times a day. Regardless of your customer demography, who they are, one thing is certain, most of them are using Facebook. Therefore, one of the main reasons to Advertise on Facebook is that your customers are there and using it daily.


2. The clear scope is a fundamental basis in advertising. So if you are seeking to have an international advertisement you can use Facebook administrators and run campaigns beyond the physical border. Want to run the digital marketing campaign locally? The same tool also gives you the option to do so. What we mean by this is, Facebook gives a digital marketing company a flexible option on how doing their business following their preferences.


3. Facebook advertising is fast and it has a proven track record of driving immediate results. You can reach thousands of people in a single day. So if you require immediate traffic and conversions, Facebook advertising may be the most affordable and reliable solution for you.


4. The cost of Facebook ads requires a fraction of what other online marketing channels cost. According to studies, to draw 4000 new, unique and targeted audiences you have to pay $1 per day. Hence, at the end of the month, you are not even spending $50 to drive more than 1,00,000! And if you are not willing to not spend even $50, then set your limit according to your budget and everything will be taken care of without any hassle. And if you outsource the Facebook ad service to India, then you will reduce the overall digital marketing cost significantly and more.


5. We have said that the cost of Facebook ads is quite less. However, do not think it doesn’t bring a good result for that. It actually drives a lot of traffic, sales and revenue. Studies have proven that people who have spent about $500 on Facebook ads have generated more than $1,550 in total sales!


If you believe in the benefits of the above proven Facebook advertising, then start investing in a professional social media marketing company today. Schedule a call to address your advertising needs.


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