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How much should you spend on Digital Marketing?
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“How Much Should I Spend on Digital Marketing?” We hear this question a lot from owners of businesses of all sizes and shapes. The answer to this question is pretty simple, “it depends”, but we can understand this answer is never helpful!

In this blog, we will dig deeper into various aspects of digital marketing, and help you to understand just how much investment you must allocate to optimize, promotion and marketing of your brand/ website in order to find online business success.

By the time you have finished the blog, we are hopeful that you will get the answer to your question and will able to estimate how much you have to pay for the digital marketing services.

SEO: This is one of the most important parts of digital marketing and you should never neglect it. To stay ahead of your competitors, you must rank top in search engine and for that, you have to spend about 30 to 35 % of your digital marketing budget. If you have time and expertise, you can do this by yourself. However, if you hire a digital marketing company, they will offer you more professional results.

you’re serious about your business, you need SEO. It takes work to achieve the top spots and more work to stay there, but it will drive organic traffic and targeted leads. All you need to know about local SEO strategy.

YouTube Ads: India is one of the largest internet data consumers in the world and YouTube is one of the main reasons! Today, YouTube ads have become more relevant than traditional marketing methods. You can identify channels that match with your products and services, then you can contact the owner of the channel to land a deal. Sure, for viewers your ads can be intrusive, but if your ad is funny and able to grab the attention of the viewer, you can gain an attentive audience.

If you run YouTube ads well, you will see a positive ROI. You can spend about 8 to 10 % of your digital marketing budget on this method and you can adjust the investment based on the result.

Social Media Marketing: Spending on social media marketing channels makes sense, even if customers don’t find you through Facebook, Twitter or Instagram. Why? Because they will look for your assistance in social media platforms before they make any purchasing decisions and this is crucial. You must be active on social media so when your prospects are researching about your business, you show up and they know they can trust your product or services. Your Social media marketing budget must be at least 10 % of your total marketing budget. To get more traffic to your website or physical store, you can run ads as well, which will definitely increase the budget.

There are more digital marketing methods and the above-mentioned methods are favoured by many, so investing in them makes sense. According to independent research, by 2021 almost half of the marketing budget will run towards digital marketing methods.

So as a business owner, investing in digital marketing makes sense. So how much? Well, the answer remains exactly the same. Try new methods, analyse the data and invest in what works for you.

Never afraid of trying out new things. If you need more help or want an expert’s advice, feel free to contact one of the best digital marketing agency in India, working to help you increase your online footprint.

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How Long Does It Take For A New Website To Appear On Google?

There’s no real and definitive time frame to know how long it can take for your website to appear in Google’s search result. SEO is a highly complex and technical process, which means it can take several days or even months to see your desired result. But how long you have to wait before your website begins ranking in Google’s search results?

While there’s no precise answer to this question, but here are some steps you can follow to estimate how long this process can take, and what you can do to speed up the ranking process with the help of digital marketing services:

Crawling and Indexing: The most essential part in order to make sure your site is discoverable by Google is by indexing it so Googlebot can access it. Also known as “spider”, Googlebot is Google’s web crawling bot, which means the search giant relies on this tool in order to fetch web pages. Googlebot generally adds documents it has collected to Google’s index and when the user types a phrase or word, Google pulls out all web pages pertaining to the search term from this index.

Sitemap: Although, Googlebot is capable to find your website, and there are few ways to do this. One of the most frequent methods used by digital marketing company like us is by creating a sitemap. This is an XML document file that lists every single page on your website. The XML file needs to store in your web site’s server and you must make sure it’s always there so the spider can check easily if there are any new changes on your website. Another great thing you can do with this XML file is, you can upload it into your Google Webmaster Tools, and this particular method can quicken the process of Google discovering your site since Google gets direct notification about the existence of your website.

Hyperlinks: Also, make a habit of sharing your website’s URL whenever you get an opportunity. Share the link in social media channels like Facebook, Twitter as well as make a habit to send links in different blog directories. One more thing you can do is interlink your web page with each other so visitors can navigate easily throughout different parts of your websites. If you have chances don’t think twice to post your links to other websites as well. Remember that the more you share your URL to the mass, the more visitors you will have and this will increase the chance of Google picking up your website effortlessly.

Quality content: You have done the above task and there’s possibility Google won’t crawl your web page unless you have good content on your website. It is crucial that you don’t have copy content, grammar error or spelling error in the website’s content. Try to add relatable images here and there and use proper and relevant titles. You can also contact the content marketing company for professional content writing. There are several other factors as well, however above mentioned topics are your basics and you must make sure it’s perfect.

The Timeframe: Depending on how you carry out the above-mentioned points, Google can generally discover your website within the first 40 days of website launch. Take help from the best SEO company in Delhi and this can reduce to almost half!

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Local SEO Strategies And How Much it Costs?

Four out of five customers utilize their preferred search engine to find local information, this implies if your business does not appear in the search engine results pages (SERPs) you are missing more than 80% potential clients!

To acquire the missing clients, your idea of investing in SEO does make sense. But it is also common if you are asking the most important question which is “how much”?

Studies done by several independent industry-leading names shows that business that employs SEO Company usually spend about 10,000 to 50,000 per month for local SEO services. The cost will obviously depend on the particular services that go into your SEO campaign. Below are the breakdowns for local SEO methods as well as their estimated price.

On-page SEO: On-page is crucial to ensure your website’s functionality, quality, and searchability. Professionals from best Digital marketing company will optimise the Meta title and description of the website, make URLs more SEO friendly, find and fix broken links, edit or create content, add social media buttons and boost the loading speed. All of these tasks done properly will help improve your website’s rank in SERPs.

Citations and backlinks: Citations and backlinks are crucial for building trust with the search engine. What are backlinks & citations? Well, backlinks are links posted on the different websites that links to your and citations are listings of your organisation on other websites, like Yelp and Google My Business. If you want to see your website is being shown in the top search result like Google SERP and other search engines, a good amount of backlinks and citations can help you to achieve that.

Building strong citations and backlinks can cost your business around 4000 to 12, 000 per month. Great quality backlinks can come from blogs, article, and content from other websites.

Competition: The nature of your competitors is thought to be the top factor when it comes to how much you need to allocate for your local SEO. The more competitors you have, the more budget you have to allocate to stay ahead of your competition, to create more great content and backlinks. Your competitors are most likely spending money to enhance their local SEO efforts to improve their search page ranks and it is crucial for your business to keep up.

Products & Services: The number of products and/or services you offer is the next factor that determines the cost of local SEO. If you offer multiple products or services, you will want to promote each one via local SEO. Each product and service will have its own set of keywords that your competitors are likely already ranking for.

The number of services and products you provide is the next big factor that determines the cost of local SEO. If you offer several services and products, you will have to promote each one of them through local SEO. Each one of them will have dedicated keywords that your competitors already ranking for. The more products and services you provide, the more of an investment you will need to ensure each product and services have their personal page and optimized properly.

The benefits of local SEO offers eclipse the cost of marketing approaches like broadcast advertising, direct mailing, banner ads, etc. When businesses allocate their budget to spend on local SEO with the help of best Digital marketing company in Delhi, they have to come up with an affordable budget plan that enables them to meet their marketing goals. Although, the business owner must remember that the more you spend on local SEO, the higher the return you are like to get.

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