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Ways to Engage Customers on Social Media
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Social media marketing has become an incredible power in the world of online marketing. And why not? With an estimated there are 3.725 billion active social media users in the world. More than 70% of consumers who experienced good social media service are likely to recommend the brand to others. 63% of prospects expect brands to offer customer service through social media platforms. And according to recent studies, more than 75 % of social media users have used social media platforms to engage with brands.


So, do you see the importance of social media channels? If you don’t, others do very well. 38% of businesses intend to pour more than 20% of their total promotion budgets on social media platforms in 2020, up from 11% a year ago. However, spending on digital marketing always means you will get success. There is a certain pattern you must follow to engage and enhance your social media presence. Find below the top 4ways to engage your customers on social media.


Post at the Right Time of Day: Time is the essence! More than a billion users have social media accounts. However, it doesn’t mean they are always online. Studies have shown that people generally active on social media during weekdays. Most of the research also shown that posting between 9.30 am to 10.30 and 6.30 pm to 8.30 pm IST is the most effective. So, to boost engagement, post content when everyone logged in!


Ask a Question: It’s favourite methods used by many digital marketing agencies to increase user engagement. Status updates that the request for the opinion of your fans typically obtain more likes, comments, and respond. People like to share their ideas, opinions and feel that they influence the brands they love.


Utilize Visuals: Do not just post simple words. Add catchy graphics, videos. Studies have shown videos are the most attention seekers element that you can use to boost your brand engagement with the customer. So, choose the element wisely.


Comment Often: Be sure to engage with your followers. When someone shares a post related to your domain, thank the user and share the link on your page. Trust me, they will return the favour fast.


To conclude, Social Media Marketing for Businesses is an exceptional process that delivers. Of course, to do so you have to build and carry on the engagement. And if you believe, you won’t have a lot of time to do so besides managing your business. Don’t worry, it’s a common issue faced by many. And this is the reason most entrepreneurs contact us.


We are recognized as one of the most reliable social media marketing company in Delhi. And we are ready to take on the next challenge to boost your customer engagement. So what are you waiting for? Get in touch with your personal social media marketing service provided today!

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Does Your Startup Need a Mobile Application

Oftentimes, we have seen that small business owners overlook the importance of mobile applications. The primary concern they have is how much does it cost to build a mobile app. And sometimes they think they do not need it because they have a website and it suffices. It’s not true at all. Virtually any business, despite its shape and size, can benefit from a mobile app. In fact, without the right mobile-business apps in today’s online marketplace, most businesses might not be able to prosper.


Find below top 3 reasons to understand why you should not overlook having a mobile app for business:


Engage with your customers: Mobile Application gives a chance to engage with customers directly. A mobile app does collect a lot of data such as user location, demographics, age, etc which later can be used to personalized marketing. A good mobile application development company can make an app that boosts customer engagement. This generally translates to more sales and increases company revenue. Clients can further connect with customer-service reps with one click through the app.


Promote your products: According to marketing research, the mobile application helps to fuel your business growth and boost credibility. Customers generally trust a business that has a dedicated mobile app. An app can be your benchmark which will help you to stand out among your competitors. Aside from your business promotion, a mobile application can also help to feature service and products to drive sales. For example, if you own a clothing store, you can send a time-sensitive coupon to your nearest app users and drive a flash sale.


Expand your customer base: You may already have a working website, that’s great! However, do not rely on the site entirely. Because the trend is shifting entirely to the mobile experience. In fact, according to marketing research, more than 42% of transactions will happen only through mobile in 2024 and this trend will grow. Do you see where future opportunities lie? You may think that a responsive website is enough for a better mobile experience. However, for eCommerce business having a responsive business will not give you the results you crave. Reasons? Well, you can find that in our previous blog:- mobile app vs. responsive website for eCommerce business. What’s more, mobile apps, particularly those blended with social media, can reach a younger demographic that might otherwise never find your business.


We hope by now you have understood the impact of a mobile application on your business. Hence, you must begin thinking about the implementation of your plan. Either you can develop your own or you can hire experts with experience of developing apps for a different industry. If you are thinking to opt for the later one, then we can help you out. We are leading iOS & Android Mobile app development company in Delhi available in the market to offer you the best solutions.

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Future of Progressive web applications

PWA or better known as Progressive Web Apps are the known phenomenon of the global web development community. A couple of years ago, developers used to work separately for mobile and desktop compatibility. However, it is now past and today, people have better alternatives which are responsive Web Design. However, the development of Progressive Web Apps hasn’t stopped yet & in this blog, we will talk about a few of them.


Because Progressive Web Apps Are The Future


Truth be told, the native app market at the beginning was humongous. It did change the way customers interact with their handheld devices. However, trends are always changing. And, according to ComScore, people are not even installing 1 native app in a whole month! So, to get success out of a native app, it must be great. which is a tall demand for a business application.


From its inception, PWAs are gaining a lot of momentum. Business giants such as Microsoft, Google and Apple already moving away from the native applications. The reason is its inflexibility.


If you are still in doubt about hiring a web application development service provider. Then, here is something you need to know. Online platforms such as Starbucks and Twitter have already using PWA. In fact, the data show that they have reduced significant load time compared to their native counterparts. This led to more increased user experience and customer satisfaction. Both of them are an exceptional element for the growth of the business. So why won’t you move on


Still not convinced whether you should concentrate on PWA or not? Well, hopefully after reading some market research, we will be able to shake a few of your beliefs!


Pinterest’s PWA users spend more than 40% more of their time compared to their mobile site. Their engagement raised more than 55% and ad revenue also raised by more than 40%. More than 50% of users of Flipkart uninstalled native apps to use their PWA. Lancôme witnessed a 17 % boost in overall conversion and more than 50% boost in mobile session on iOS devices with their PWA.


So, what do you think? Hopefully, now you understand why you must consider PWA. With that said, are you ready to take your business to the next level? If yes, talk to the best web application development services company in Delhi today. We have helped many businesses in their migration process from native to PWA. And we will be happy to help you as well.

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