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Tips on How to Research Your Competition
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The purpose of doing a competitive analysis is to find out the weakness & strengths of the competitors in the market. This analysed data will help the business with clear benefits. You can take fair action to prevent them from taking a share of your market niche. Besides this, this data can help you to understand if you have any weaknesses as well. So, indirectly, Market research and competitive analysis help you not become vulnerable to your competitors.

How to Do a Competitive Analysis:


Use multiple platforms: Today, every research work begins from Google. Right? Well, there’s more than that. To take the deepest dive, you have to look beyond a solo search engine. A professional marketing research company will never make use of one tool to do productive competitive analysis. For instance, you can use the backlink checker tool to monitor how many backlinks they are getting and from where. You can go ahead and do a manual analysis of your competitor’s website as well as to understand their SEO strategy because SEO is essential for every business. To make it short, go for alternative research tools and ways. Don’t rely on a single platform.

Analyze the inventory: Study your competitor’s inventory very carefully. Uncover which products are selling and which are not. Take note of their most popular products and find out which products are customers unhappy with. Analyse the targeted audience and understand their response patterns on particular ads. Does it seem a lot of work? Indeed it is. And if you are not comfortable, consult with a professional digital marketing company.

Track public platforms: Social media marketing plays a crucial role in businesses’ success. So, while you are collecting data about your competitors, do not forget to follow them on public platforms. Study carefully about their content, the timing and how customers are engaging with the posts. Take note of this information and personalize your campaign to stay ahead in the game.

The business environment is becoming more aggressive and competitive. The importance of having a well-analysed report of your competitors plays a significant role in gaining success. If you do not know how to do this job, hire professional SEO service providers or digital marketing company to ensure the best ROI. There are some very good marketing research companies in Delhi who make use of white hat digital marketing practices to drive results and If your goal is to sell service & products online they can help you to reach your goal.

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How Mobile Apps Create Better Business Practices

When you think about a mobile app, what strikes your mind? It is something that makes your life easy, right? Many business owners most of the time, don’t give the necessary importance to mobile apps. However, people with greater vision, people who really want to make their business successful, do invest quite a lot of mobile application development company. Why? Find below the reasons:


Boost customer reach: According to market studies, people spend at least 2 hours a day glued to their phones. Yes, they do not use all of them with the same intensity, but, having a presence on the application drawer while they are crawling, makes a huge difference. A mobile app gives you a virtual presence, makes your business more approachable and accelerate your business growth. With these apps, you can efficiently send information about your latest offer to draw their attention. This later will translate to more sales and revenue.


Improved marketing: Data is the new gold. Everyone knows it, but still, many business owners neglect it. Having a mobile application on a prospects’ device means you are collecting valuable information. The information will later translate to a more personalized marketing campaign. According to market studies, 70% of prospects respond to curated offers and services. If you are making use of the application, you have a better chance to turn your prospects into loyal customers. By using the data collected by your app of course!


Customer Experience: Yes, the mobile app increases revenue but do you know what else it improves? Well, it is the most important aspect of your business. It is none other than “customer experience”. Generally, businesses mostly emphasized the important moments of interaction at the time of purchase. However, the customer journey is swiftly experiencing a major overhaul. And a mobile application offers a complete answer to multiple aspects of development, including enriched client satisfaction, improved revenue, reduced deviations, and higher employee satisfaction as well.


Apps greatly assist in overhauling the course of your business. It is ideal for businesses to consider the utility of the apps for becoming growth-oriented. Want to reap benefits out of it now? Get in touch with the mobile application development company in Delhi, India to discuss your requirements and get the estimated quotation for your mobile app.

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6 Emerging Ecommerce Trends for 2020

Since the development of the internet people has started building their business online. E-Commerce has now taken over the world and has become a beneficial field since everything became digital. People are now shopping online due to the ease they can get through online shopping. The year 2020 is now just a few days ahead and here we are going to talk about 6 emerging E-Commerce trends for the upcoming year.


1. The Social Media Market Is Rising:

One of the best trends in the development of social media marketing. People used social media to chat and mostly to waste time, but then someone just got an idea of using it as a business tool and so it happened that people are now using social media as an E-Commerce platform and users are shopping on social media.


2. Google Is Becoming A Marketplace:

Google is playing its role in the E-Commerce sector by providing you with the best platform to display your products. With the help of Google, you can generate more sales by reaching a greater audience and automatically improve your sales in no time.


3. More Sales with AR and VR:

Customers usually don’t purchase products as they were not able to try them online before buying and they ordered something they would not like which resulted in fewer sales. Now with AR and VR becoming more commonplace, customers can visually try out the stuff with the help of their cameras and then order.


4. Companies Becoming Environment-Friendly:

Companies have now become environmentally friendly. They do not use plastic shopping bags anymore and are doing a lot for the betterment of the environment and this has become a trend.


5. Big Purchases, More Time To Pay:

Many companies have introduced some flexible payment plans now like after pay. You can purchase the items and pay afterwards in instalments so no worries if you do not have all the money at a time. Shop now and pay in parts.


6. Don’t Like The Design? Customize It!

Customizable products are a hit. People are going towards customizable products getting their names and pictures printed on products or more likely fully customizing the products. These customizable products are sold in a large quantity because people love them so much.


These were some great E-Commerce trends for the upcoming year. If you are thinking of building an E-Commerce website, but worried about eCommerce website cost, you can get in touch with Unicode Solutions, one of the best eCommerce website development company in Delhi for a quote!

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