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Top 3 Ways to Increase Marketplace Brand Awareness
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Brand awareness helps to boost your business credibility and helps to sell more. It is a crucial aspect of your business that needs careful attention, time and resources. If your targeted prospects don’t consider you a reliable brand, then how will you boost your ROI? Below find the top 3 innovative paths that can help to increase brand awareness and help your business to thrive.


Make use of SEO: 70 % of buyers search for products and services on the internet before making any decision. And as an SEO services company, we would advise optimizing your website with targeted keywords. Why? Because, if you are doing it correctly, when people search for the keywords, they will land on your website. This increases the number of visitors and at the end of the sales. Besides this, if your website is coming in the top SERP result, people will trust your brand, product, and services without any doubt.


Use Social media: Social media marketing is essential for business. People at least spend 1 hour a day crawling through social media feeds. And by using SMM, you can affect the way people think. Yes, you heard that right. A professional social media marketing company can implement strategies to draw customer attention that brings sales and improve your business visibility. However, don’t spam users’ social media feeds. If you are posting way too much content, people will leave!


Content sharing: Content marketing or blogging is an exceptional tool and mostly favoured by a content marketing company to rank great in search engines. They are a good way of sharing knowledge, information, and data. And the best way to describe who you are, what you do and why people would buy from you. Quality content and the regular post will build trust amongst customers that you are available to do business.


The above list isn’t complete. There are many more paths you can take to Increase Marketplace Brand Awareness and to increase leads and sales with digital marketing. So are you ready to boost your ROI by improving brand awareness? If yes, then get in touch with Unicode Solutions, the best online marketing company in Delhi. Serving to fulfil your every digital need.

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Web Designing Company vs. Freelance Web Designers: Which One to Choose?

In the 21st century, if you don’t have a website, you simply don’t exist. However, a website is more than just catchy content and graphics. Your website is your online postal address which must resonate with your brand’s mission, vision and values. The website has a huge impact on business.  But, the question is, from where to get your website? And, with this question, the rigmarole starts!


Which one is best? A full-fledged website designing company or a freelancer? Well, to get the answer, war is inhabitable! Instead, today we would like to play a safer role. Today we will go through both options and you have to sit on the bench of a judge! So, let’s begin!


Specialization: A website designing and development company generally consists of a team of professional developers and designers. Needless to say, a website designing company is more efficient than a sole freelancer. More people mean more technological expertise and more expertise serving to fulfil your purpose. So, a website designing company is without any doubt more efficient and robust compared to a sole freelancer.


Communication: There’s a certain level of professionalism when you are doing business with a website development company. They are regulated to bind company rules, so you can expect timely delivery and you will get better support. Besides this, most website development companies consist of more than 10 people. So, if you face in a snag, you can be there is someone always ready to take your distress call.


Cost: In this instance, a freelancer is a winner. A website designing company generally carries a lot of expenses besides paying salary. And for that, they obviously charge their customer a bit high. On the other hand, a freelancer generally works from home and barely have any extensive expenditure. Didn’t get our point? Well, think like this, groceries are more expensive in supermarkets than street vendors. Still, you can get an estimate of how much a website development and designing cost.


Though the list isn’t completed yet, we can draw a conclusion. The need for a freelancer or website designing company solely depends on your needs and requirements. If you need efficiency, strict deadline, best technology, and a team to fight back any problem, a website development company is the only solution. So what do you think? Have you decided yet? If you are still in confusion, get in touch with the best website designing and development company in Delhi.

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How to Manage Your Business’s Online Reputation in 2020

The new year is on the way and this is where you make a resolution. A resolution that will keep your business going. And there’s no better resolution than keeping your online reputation in an optimum place. “Online Reputation” plays a crucial role in making a business successful and if you will pledge to manage it next year, you are on the right path. However, don’t know where to begin? Well, you can start from here!


Monitor current situation: Your online reputation management initiative should start by analysing your current situation. What are your prospects and customers saying about you online? Remember, before taking any step, you have to understand the current situation first. How to do that? Well, there are many free tools you can make use of to pin down your current situation. Although, it is advised you take help from a professional Online reputation management company for better understanding your current situation.


Be Authentic: Do not copy paste and post content on social media. Your prospects can easily detect any fake statements. Be unique and honest. Deliver straight forward messages to your targeted audience. Got any criticism? Reply fast and with credible information. This will help to develop a positive image for your brand.


Be regular in social media: People are spending more and more time on social media. So, it would be wise you spend your time on this platform as well and you must understand the importance of social media for your business. Try to engage with your followers regularly. This will help to develop a bond between you and your prospects. This will later translate to sales. For instance, have you ever checked Elon Musk’s twitter feed?


Encourage for reviews: Reviews works. More than 75% of online buyers read reviews before making any purchase. So it would be a wise decision if you ask your prospects to leave reviews. To make this thing really work, you can offer a discount or coupons for giving reviews. If you find any negative reviews or feedback, make sure you do reply, ASAP.


The importance of ORM Services is crucial to your business success. By sticking to the above points, you can surely better your company’s online reputation. You can definitely take help from a digital marketing company to strengthen your online reputation. However, in the end, it is your vision that will drive this project.

Still don’t know where to start? Get in touch with the best online reputation management and Digital Marketing company in India.

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