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Website design and development cost in Delhi, India
website designing company in Delhi

Things have changed since the inception of the World Wide Web. Today India alone has more than 560 million, which browses almost half of the entire population itself and most of them through the internet before purchasing anything. So that, bring in the reality that, no matter what your business platform is, you will be needing a website, but how much does it cost? Well, on average the upfront cost of a website, which includes launching and designing expenses is about Rs. 45,000 to Rs. 300,000. However, the amount will most definitely change according to your personal choice. How? Let’s have a look:


A specific breakdown of website design & development cost

Domain Name:
It is simply like a postal address and the price fluctuates based on the location! We are not kidding. Generally, you can purchase a domain as low as Rs. 99 and if you are looking for a premium web address you will have to spend about Rs 10,000 or more. Cost of .com .org is much higher than the local domains. The spending choice completely depends on you.

Hosting is simply a place where you keep your website data so users can fetch the information they are looking for. Now, the price varies upon what type of hosting option you select. You can go for dedicated hosting which will cost more or you can opt-in for shared hosting which will cost you fairly low. As a website designing/ development company, we would also want to let you know that kindly add an SSL Certificate to your website to safeguard the public data. Also, if you will do SEO, SSL is a must. Find out more about how SEO services help to build your brand here.

Website design and development:
Website design and development cost in Delhi entirely depend on the Website designing company you choose. Some of them cost surprisingly low, but you won’t find the quality work of course and most often cheap website design companies don’t optimize the website to use on mobile devices. If the site is not opening in the mobile, a business will lose a significant number of customers. This is the reason you must opt-in for an agency that offers the best of both worlds like Unicode Solutions. Our charges are quite competitive and we do offer the best mobile-optimized design as well. Design is the most significant aspect of any website and it must be perfect in order to boost revenue. If you have an existing website that is not driving revenue, you may find help here. The entire design and development may cost Rs. 45,000 to Rs. 300,000. (Depend on your needs)

Launch and SEO setup:
Design and Development won’t help you to earn, but a great rank in Google definitely will help to boost your business. According to studies, people generally click on the top 3 Google search results instead of browsing through every page. So you must secure the top 3 SERP to guarantee business success. Now, this can be only done through professional digital marketing (particularly SEO). The cost will depend on the number of keywords you want to rank. Generally, as a digital marketing services company in Delhi,  We begin working with the top 5 trending keywords and we do charge  Rs. 50,000 to Rs. 30,00000 for our SEO service.


To summarize this, the bottom line is the cost depends on the product you need and the goal of your website. The amount largely depends on the situation, complexity, and personalization. Without knowing what you want, we can’t give you a proper answer. Fortunately, you can call us, one of the best Website designing company in Delhi to let you know your requirements so we can offer you a fair estimation of the project.

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How Website Designing will increase Conversions and Sales

Before we start going through some technical aspects of how you can boost sales through website design, we would like to give you some proven numbers to build a strong foundation of why a good website design matters. So here we go:

Average internet users’ have less attention span than mere goldfish. For a visitor, it takes less than 1 second to form an opinion about the brand. 73% of users believe the brand is reliable if they see a video on the website. 44% prospects believe a website must have contact info. 72% of users check for reviews on the brand, service, and products before purchasing anything. More than 45% of users aspect the website to load within a mere 2 seconds. Last but not least, according to 48% of visitors, overall aesthetic and simplicity determine the credibility of an organization. So, did you find any similarities? If you did, then that’s great and if you don’t think we are here to connect the dots for you. You see, all those numbers are connected to the website design and if done perfectly with the help from a website designing company, you can definitely boost your revenue.

Since we have covered the important numbers, let’s look at how website design can increase conversions and sales.

Simplify Your Navigation: Remember the word ” Simple & Elegant” when you are developing or redesigning your website take note of everything which can enhance users’ experience. You can few tips to successfully redesign a website here. If the navigation is complex and you don’t have any search functionality, the user will leave your website within seconds. If users are clicking 5 times to get something, it’s not a healthy website model.

Let Customers Leave Reviews: A review is important for every one of us and having accessible information with a few clicks about the brand, service or product makes a great shopping experience for customers. As we said earlier that most of the users search for, review before purchasing a product so it does make sense to add them to the website to encourage users to buy from your organization.

Build a mobile-friendly website: At this point, it is needless to say how crucial it is to have a mobile-optimized website. Mobile is taking over the desktop/ laptop users and people are spending more than 50% of their free time glued to handheld devices. So mobile-optimized website must be a priority for a business owner. Though most of the website designing companies offer this service by default, make sure to talk about it before awarding the project though. Because unlike Unicode Solutions, some of the Website designing company in Delhi still charges extra to make a website mobile-friendly.

Concentrate on landing page: The landing page must be perfect. It is the place where people begin the journey. Add video, portfolio, review and make the design pleasing and attractive. Add direct and attention-seeking “call to action button”, so prospects easily make a purchase.

Well, there you have it! There are more than the above-mentioned tips and we will keep talking about them later on. The impact of website design on your business is huge and you must consider a professional Website designing company to make everything perfect. take some time, clear your thoughts and do some research. If you need help, we are here to answer your design and website development related queries, 24/7.

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AngularJs- A Perfect Framework for Responsive Web App Development

AngularJS is a front-end JavaScript framework developed and maintained by the search giant Google and today it is now the sweetheart of the developer community. The reason behind this is that the benefits and amazing features that it brings to web application development. AngularJS is a practical choice outside the area of Unicode Solutions(Best website development company). Here are some super impressive reasons why one must adopt to AngularJS if you are interested in responsive web application development.

Better Programming Practices: AngularJs comes with rich and simple to use features which make it easy to develop the website by composing the least codes. Some of the features include directives that support reusable components and the REST API connection to servers, which helps to reduce bandwidth and enables HTTP requests, for efficient data handling process.

Easy to collaborate: Teamwork is the foundation of every successful project. With AngularJS, users can collaborate with the entire team efficiently, which ensure a smooth development process. With an ability to share components within the team, the feature called Dependency Injection, associated with the AngularJS web application development process has made the developer community happy by making collaboration extremely easy.

Real-time testing: A given application must be flexible enough to optimize performance & also address new features, bugs if any. The reason AngularJS is being upheld by many web app development services are many, but maybe the most comprehensive one is, it offers real-time testing during the development process. The AngularJS comes with inbuilt modules to facilitate a comprehensive for every module you develop.

Easy integration: AngularJS can collaborate with other existing applications easily to deliver superior Responsive Web App Development experience. Features like dependency injection have made it quite easy for developers to integrate the modules already developed with AngularJS. There are enormous numbers of plugins available in the market that supplements AngularJS to build brand new functionality within the projects itself.

Easy to learn: A web developer can learn and use it quite easily and quickly. This helps to reduce the overall development schedule and further decrease the cost for responsive Web App Development. People who are familiar with JQuery or Backbone.js or JavaScript Frameworks, can quickly learn AngularJS and start to apply to their respective work.

Security: Online security is a major concern today. However, AngularJS can help to reduce any security flaws, this is because, AngularJS never process any data, instead it presents it. Moreover, it uses the HTTPS interface to communicate with the servers which maximize data security. To enable optimum security, you don’t have to go through a tedious process, just follow the in-build security measure, and the application will be safe from malicious attacks.

Wrapping up

The above reasons are not completed, there are several other benefits of AngularJs which you can find here. AngularJs is being embraced by a web app development company and soon on the verge to become even more popular in no time.

At the conclusion, it is not wrong to say that AngularJs offers win-win benefits with efficient features and productive methods. If you are planning to build a web application that is secure, fast and elegant AngularJs is the only platform that can offer you those and more. Want to know more about AngularJs? Get in touch with Unicode Solutions, one of the best web app development service company in Delhi serving to fulfil your every digital need.


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