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Top Lead Generation Tools in the Digital Space!
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While many will think that lead generation is a wild goose chase, the reality is, there are many tools available that can boost your effort significantly. 65 % of businesses are claiming that they are experiencing significant challenges to draw leads through traditional marketing. And to overcome this situation, they are making use of content marketing or digital marketing. Digital marketing such as Facebook Ads, Google Adwords, are a major player in the digital marketing world. Of course, to make the most out of it, you have to use professional digital marketing services.


Well, many things in life are easier said than done, and you can say that lead generation also follows this principle. Find below the topmost promising tool that can be very effective to boost your ROI and brand recognition.


Adwords: Adwords, probably the most common method of digital advertising. Today, most of the digital marketing service provider makes use of this method to draw traffic. AdWords may not be as simple as it is but has many benefits. It takes more than the mind of a regular marketer to better familiarize the complex world of Google AdWords. So, if you want to boost your online dominance, get in touch with an experienced digital marketing agency.


Facebook Ads: Facebook is the Internet’s largest traffic source and growing at a tremendous speed. The cool thing about Facebook Ads is easy to follow and highly actionable. You’ll be getting your first Facebook Ad up this evening, no matter how much knowledge you have! But of course, for a better result, you need a professional digital marketing service provider.


LinkedIn Ads: LinkedIn is one of the best ways to earn high-quality leads. If you are looking for a place where professionals dwell, then LinkedIn is what you are looking for.  Since LinkedIn is the world’s foremost professional marketing platform, you can directly reach senior-level executives and CEOs with detailed targeting.


There are more than the above-discussed methods. For example, Twitter Ads,, Quora ads, etc are a great tool for lead generation. Worried about how much you have to spend on your campaign? We have talked about Google Ads cost and Facebook ads cost earlier. After reading those posts, if you believe you need more help, get in touch with the best digital marketing agency in Delhi. Feel free to contact us, our professional digital marketing team is always here to guide you 24/7.

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Web application vs. website: finally answered

First of all, we would like to state that, from the eyes of users, there’s very little difference in a Web application and website. As a general user, what matters is the working website and that’s it. However, for a technical person and as a business owner, you have to know the difference. Why? Well, for a professional having the knowledge about the websites and web application can be handy to define the scope and requirements of the project, skills and expertise required and even the technology to be used. So this post is devoted to assisting you to understand what is a website, what is a web application and the distinction between them.


Web apps vs websites: key differences:


  • A website generally fetches static content most of the time. On the other hand, a web app can be a flexible application and the end-user can interact with different parts of the program. Hence, web application development companies take a bit more time to develop a web app compared to a website.
  • A web application is not a complete website, it’s simply a part of the website. While, a website is definitely the complete package, which can be accessed through any browser with an active internet connection.
  • Website development and designing company build a site that works on every single browser. From PC to Mobile browser. You just need to type the right URL. A web application, on the other hand, requires separate installation space on the computer.
  • Developing a website takes fewer resources and requires less time to develop. Web application development requires multiple frameworks and a lot of resources. Besides this, you can build a website on your own with the help of off-the-shelf service providers. However, to build a web application, you have to hire a web application development company.
  • A website is not an exclusive platform. Anyone can access it with the right URL. However, a web application is definitely a secure platform and can be accessed by the right username and password.


As we said earlier the above notes can be confronted through a different perspective. However, in the end, the result will be almost similar.

Now you might ask, if I have a website, then why I would require a web application? Well, it’s a genuine question and we have covered the answer in our previous blogs. if you have realized the importance of web app for your business and looking to develop one to boost your business capability, contact one of the best website development company in Delhi, offering exceptional business applications at a jaw-dropping price!


Unicode Solutions drive Digital Transformation and enhance business performance with Process Automation.
Top 3 Ways to Increase Marketplace Brand Awareness

Brand awareness helps to boost your business credibility and helps to sell more. It is a crucial aspect of your business that needs careful attention, time and resources. If your targeted prospects don’t consider you a reliable brand, then how will you boost your ROI? Below find the top 3 innovative paths that can help to increase brand awareness and help your business to thrive.


Make use of SEO: 70 % of buyers search for products and services on the internet before making any decision. And as an SEO services company, we would advise optimizing your website with targeted keywords. Why? Because, if you are doing it correctly, when people search for the keywords, they will land on your website. This increases the number of visitors and at the end of the sales. Besides this, if your website is coming in the top SERP result, people will trust your brand, product, and services without any doubt.


Use Social media: Social media marketing is essential for business. People at least spend 1 hour a day crawling through social media feeds. And by using SMM, you can affect the way people think. Yes, you heard that right. A professional social media marketing company can implement strategies to draw customer attention that brings sales and improve your business visibility. However, don’t spam users’ social media feeds. If you are posting way too much content, people will leave!


Content sharing: Content marketing or blogging is an exceptional tool and mostly favoured by a content marketing company to rank great in search engines. They are a good way of sharing knowledge, information, and data. And the best way to describe who you are, what you do and why people would buy from you. Quality content and the regular post will build trust amongst customers that you are available to do business.


The above list isn’t complete. There are many more paths you can take to Increase Marketplace Brand Awareness and to increase leads and sales with digital marketing. So are you ready to boost your ROI by improving brand awareness? If yes, then get in touch with Unicode Solutions, the best online marketing company in Delhi. Serving to fulfil your every digital need.

Unicode Solutions drive Digital Transformation and enhance business performance with Process Automation.