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Top 3 CRM Tips for Effective Data Management
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Today, nearly 67% of businesses depend on CRM data for the growth of their bottom line. Yet, an extraordinary 94% of B2B businesses suspect inaccuracy in their customer database. Hence, if you believe your one-time investment will do the magic, you are overthinking. To get the maximum out of your CRM, you have to manage the data accurately. And to do so, you must follow these data management practices. Otherwise, you could end up with messy information that creates problems with your campaign targeting and your marketing automation.


Build a strategy: Every decision that you take must offer something great to the business in the end. The introduction of CRM won’t help if it doesn’t integrate properly with your business goals or objectives. You have to understand & recognize the reason for the data collection first. If you collect the data blindly, do not expect a good return. Because it’s simply clogging everyone’s’ precious time and your valuable resources. Collect information that serves your purpose only.


Automate data update: According to Harvard Business Review, 57% of employees say their administrator never clearly educates them when it comes to managing tasks and assignments. Professional software development companies design CRM to enter data automatically through different sources. If your employees don’t know how to do it, then most probably they will enter the information manually. Which is the most unproductive and error-prone method of data input? Hence, proper training is a must for your employees, before they began to use the CRM.


Keep Your Data Up To Date: An idle CRM comes with a great scalability feature. This means limitless possibilities to add more and more information. While it might sound great, but it is a two-edged sword. When a user gets an unlimited amount of input, they generally place both relevant and un-relevant content in one place. This is a messy practice and creates huge confusion to track down important data. To get rid of this problem, the user must go through the data bank regularly and must eliminate irrelevant data from the profile. Many CRM software development companies in Delhi today now come with features that offer duplicate data removal features to de-clutter the customer database.


By following the above practices, your sales reps will be well on their way of optimizing the whole sales process. And, the entire sales pipeline will be more efficient and streamlined. Which translates to more sales & ROI?


Effective data management helps to develop a curated marketing plan. Aimed at specific buyer personas, and optimized sales funnels. Accurate data management not only boosts the number of new customer acquisition but also helps to increase the customer retention as well.

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3 Trendy Social Media Hacks to Increase Customer Retention

Acquiring new customers takes a lot of resources, time and patience than holding on to existing ones. Loyal and satisfied customers are always ready to spend some more. And, they do often recommend the brand to their friends and family. Hence, it is crucial that you must take the necessary step in regards to boosting your customer retention process. Read on to find out what you can do to improve your customer retention rate and profit.


Know Your Customer: Do not see your customer like just another selling opportunity. You have to know them and their needs better. The more you know about them and their needs, the better you will be able to offer more curated solutions for new challenges they face. It is true that getting to know your customers’ needs is a challenging job, but not for custom CRM owners because there are many benefits of using CRM Software.


Be available on social media: This might sound obvious. But we have seen entrepreneurs overlooking the importance of social media for business on many occasions. Most of the time, they create a social media page and rarely post anything or restrict their pages to only one or two social media platforms. This is a huge problem because your minimum presence won’t draw any attention and worst, the customer won’t be able to engage with you there if they need to. And this clearly affects your credibility and overall customer retention rate.


Make use of automation: Scheduling is an exceptional tool that gives marketers the flexibility to post content automatically while consistently posting to your social networks. There are many add-ons you can install on your browser that can post particular content on a special day automatically. You just need to find out the days, upload the content and the rest will be done without any miss. Which is really important? Can you imagine you forget to wish Independence Day to your loyal followers!? And how would it affect your reputation if you did?


Tips will come and grow, so does the trend. The best way to guarantee customer retention is by showing them that you care. And the above three tips does that exactly. The importance of social media for business is growing every single day since people have moved on from traditional ads a long time ago. Thus, it is the best time you talk to a professional Social media marketing company to take your customer retention to the next level.

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How to Ensure High Traffic On Your E-commerce Website?

If you own an eCommerce website, the most valuable resource is traffic. As long as you are driving regular traffic, you are safe. And the best part of owning an eCommerce website is, it has a tremendous amount of business opportunities. In fact, 40% of worldwide internet users have bought products or goods online via a desktop, mobile, tablet or other online devices. Of course, all of them will not buy from you or be interested to buy anything. And there lies the main challenge of owning an e-commerce website. You do not need random traffic, what you need is a sales-ready lead. And here’s how to get it:


Invest in Google AdWords: The average ROI is 200% on Google Ads. Entrepreneur spending $1 on a campaign can expect a return of $2. If you are really looking to improve your ecommerce conversion rate, Google Ad is the most suitable way to achieve your goal. It has the power to convert 50% better than organic search results. 60% of prospects have the intention to buy, so your overall sales graph will grow definitely. If we take all of these benefits into account, surely Google Ads will increase your business revenue and help to boost your overall website traffic and sales.


Invest in SEO: Google Ads are great, but for how long you will pay for every click? The best way to overcome Google Ads expenses is by investing in SEO. SEO comes with exceptional benefits that drive targeted results. To get better clarity about the effectiveness of SEO, let’s look at some proven facts and why you need it for your eCommerce business. On the first page alone, the top 5 SERP results receive 75% of the clicks. And there are billions of internet users! So the opportunities are limitless. Over 40% of revenue is obtained from organic traffic! 81% of people do some type of online analysis before making a big purchase. Investing your resources to build SEO strategies will surely help your website rank higher in search engine results and drive unique traffic to your online store.


Take care of the design: Investing in SEO, Google ads have great potential. However, when users visit your page, you have to give them reasons, so they can stick to your website and make a positive click. No matter how much you spend on your marketing campaign, if your website is dull and boring, you will lose your credibility as an eCommerce business. The best way to overcome this major problem is by hiring the best eCommerce website designing company.


With these tactics and capable hands, you will be able to generate more website traffic to your online store. But, improving your eCommerce conversion rate doesn’t happen overnight. You have to be patient to achieve the best result. Have any questions for us? Talk to the best Best Ecommerce website designing company to clear your doubts.


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