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How to Make your Advertising Sales Team More Effective
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Since the advent of the internet, the marketers and consumers as a whole changed the way they interact with the advertiser. Though many entrepreneurs did try to stay on with the traditional approach, later they changed their year-old practices and moved on to the digital era. And moving on means more and more investment to platforms such as Google Adwords and Facebook ads.


However, the challenges are not over yet. Yes, you know the medium. But the needs of customers have changed drastically. Today, they want personalized ads, curated offers, and services, better customer service, good after-sales service, and the list goes on and on. And all of these crucial aspects are being handled by the advertising sales team. If you think it can’t be possible for a particular team to answer all of these alone, then you are right. Yes, for a singular team, it’s not possible to keep an eye on everything. Unless they have a Custom CRM software in place!


CRM makes sales pipeline effective by taking care of other business aspects. These tools are designed to manage different areas of an organization and sometimes it does automate the repetitive process. This integrated process offers advertising sales an unparalleled advantage to sell services and products effectively. So what more benefits do they bring in?


Integration: As we said earlier that an idle CRM built by software development company can integrate with other areas of business. And thus, your sales team is always aware of what’s going on with your business. For instance, by looking at your financial conditions, they can plan a discount or pricing model which prospects prefer. Once you approve the plan, they can directly publish the campaign through the CRM itself to the targeted customers, ready to go through the sales funnel.


Experience: Everything is not about sales. You are not done with once you make sales. Today, businesses are looking towards making more repetitive customers. Why? Well, the reason is it costs less. But how to make sure prospects will come back? Well, by offering exceptional service and by maintaining optimal professionalism of course. And CRM software brings in a lot of features to make sure your customers are happy with your service and come back for more. Again and again.


Marketing metrics: Unless your advertising team has some way of measuring the campaigns, they won’t know what’s working and what’s simply wasting resources. You want strong metrics, not a gut feeling for what might be working or what might not. A Custom CRM software development company can build CRM software capable of analysing every single aspect of the digital campaign to deliver accurate metrics. This data will later help the sales team to make a marketing plan that delivers.


It is a proven fact that the manual way of running a campaign doesn’t deliver expected results. If you truly want to grow, then you must talk to a CRM software development company now. CRM makes sales pipeline effective, there’s no second thought about that. However, it also comes with many other benefits. You can find the list here. So are you interested in integrating a CRM in your business?

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Top 3 CRM Tips for Effective Data Management

Today, nearly 67% of businesses depend on CRM data for the growth of their bottom line. Yet, an extraordinary 94% of B2B businesses suspect inaccuracy in their customer database. Hence, if you believe your one-time investment will do the magic, you are overthinking. To get the maximum out of your CRM, you have to manage the data accurately. And to do so, you must follow these data management practices. Otherwise, you could end up with messy information that creates problems with your campaign targeting and your marketing automation.


Build a strategy: Every decision that you take must offer something great to the business in the end. The introduction of CRM won’t help if it doesn’t integrate properly with your business goals or objectives. You have to understand & recognize the reason for the data collection first. If you collect the data blindly, do not expect a good return. Because it’s simply clogging everyone’s’ precious time and your valuable resources. Collect information that serves your purpose only.


Automate data update: According to Harvard Business Review, 57% of employees say their administrator never clearly educates them when it comes to managing tasks and assignments. Professional software development companies design CRM to enter data automatically through different sources. If your employees don’t know how to do it, then most probably they will enter the information manually. Which is the most unproductive and error-prone method of data input? Hence, proper training is a must for your employees, before they began to use the CRM.


Keep Your Data Up To Date: An idle CRM comes with a great scalability feature. This means limitless possibilities to add more and more information. While it might sound great, but it is a two-edged sword. When a user gets an unlimited amount of input, they generally place both relevant and un-relevant content in one place. This is a messy practice and creates huge confusion to track down important data. To get rid of this problem, the user must go through the data bank regularly and must eliminate irrelevant data from the profile. Many CRM software development companies in Delhi today now come with features that offer duplicate data removal features to de-clutter the customer database.


By following the above practices, your sales reps will be well on their way of optimizing the whole sales process. And, the entire sales pipeline will be more efficient and streamlined. Which translates to more sales & ROI?


Effective data management helps to develop a curated marketing plan. Aimed at specific buyer personas, and optimized sales funnels. Accurate data management not only boosts the number of new customer acquisition but also helps to increase the customer retention as well.

Unicode Solutions drive Digital Transformation and enhance business performance with Process Automation.
3 Trendy Social Media Hacks to Increase Customer Retention

Acquiring new customers takes a lot of resources, time and patience than holding on to existing ones. Loyal and satisfied customers are always ready to spend some more. And, they do often recommend the brand to their friends and family. Hence, it is crucial that you must take the necessary step in regards to boosting your customer retention process. Read on to find out what you can do to improve your customer retention rate and profit.


Know Your Customer: Do not see your customer like just another selling opportunity. You have to know them and their needs better. The more you know about them and their needs, the better you will be able to offer more curated solutions for new challenges they face. It is true that getting to know your customers’ needs is a challenging job, but not for custom CRM owners because there are many benefits of using CRM Software.


Be available on social media: This might sound obvious. But we have seen entrepreneurs overlooking the importance of social media for business on many occasions. Most of the time, they create a social media page and rarely post anything or restrict their pages to only one or two social media platforms. This is a huge problem because your minimum presence won’t draw any attention and worst, the customer won’t be able to engage with you there if they need to. And this clearly affects your credibility and overall customer retention rate.


Make use of automation: Scheduling is an exceptional tool that gives marketers the flexibility to post content automatically while consistently posting to your social networks. There are many add-ons you can install on your browser that can post particular content on a special day automatically. You just need to find out the days, upload the content and the rest will be done without any miss. Which is really important? Can you imagine you forget to wish Independence Day to your loyal followers!? And how would it affect your reputation if you did?


Tips will come and grow, so does the trend. The best way to guarantee customer retention is by showing them that you care. And the above three tips does that exactly. The importance of social media for business is growing every single day since people have moved on from traditional ads a long time ago. Thus, it is the best time you talk to a professional Social media marketing company to take your customer retention to the next level.

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