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How CRM helps in better client communication?
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Customer Relationships Management software helps in managing interaction with new and old customers. It is designed to increase productivity and improve customer satisfaction and retention.

It improves the way your company works by:-

The data is organized well in a centralized database. This feature helps you to keep all the information in a track. It tracks each interaction of customer and employees. The database stores important details of your customers. This reduces the time of your employees as they now don’t have to manually enter the data. In the time saved the employees can address to more customer queries.

A centralized database makes it easier for employees of all the departments across the company to access the data and work out an effective solution together. This will increase efficiency as a whole company is thinking about the issue and not one particular department. This will thus help in maintaining parity between the departments and more effective solutions to a problem.

Organized data makes it easy to view it. CRM organizes data and makes it easy for a person to view it with less effort. Work will be easy and less messed up. A lot of time is saved and people can interact more effectively with customers.

CRM makes sales representatives work easier. They just have to update the database and address customer queries. It will reduce the risk of duplication and provide you with accurate data.

In the commercial world, the main thing is to retain existing customers and expand them to new customers. CRM helps to gain an insight into the behaviour of their customers. They can then modify their business to ensure that their customers are served best.

Customer interaction is improved a lot. As the data is well organized it gives quick service to a customer. An employee who is interacting with the customer has all the details and problems in front of him he can review easily and can give quick responses to the customer. This hassle-free and quick service give customer great satisfaction. This will hence increase productivity and sales.

It gives increased sales as it helps you to know which customer is profitable and which is not. Better interaction increases value from your existing customers. It thus increases profitability by focusing on the most profitable customers.

Once you know that your existing customers are in place you can now start to focus on your new customers. This will help you to spread your network and make new connections.

As we know that customer satisfaction is a major work. It is the only aspect which can help your company to grow. CRM helps you to maintain a good customer relationship and provides various features to your company to manage the data and provide hassle-free service to the customer. This will thus ensure timely customer services and better interaction. Unicode Solutions is the best CRM software development company to automate business operations.

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How CRM can be helpful for business growth?


CRM refers to Customer Relationship Management. It helps you to improve your customer services and helps in better client communication. It keeps track of every interaction between a sales representative or an employee of the company and the customer at a centralized place. It stores names and contact details so that you don’t waste time on finding out information and sell instead. It is better than spreadsheets as it helps you to secure your data and keeps it safe from being misused. It is an essential tool for every business.

How CRM  is beneficial?

1. Assists in managing your data: It helps to organize your leads, account details, customer information and sales opportunities in one centralized database. It thus makes it easier to manage your data. If your data is organized it will help you to increase productivity and improve your work. It will also maintain parity between the rest of the departments of the company.

2. Manual work is reduced: The software provides one with multiple options through which he can capture and organize leads into the system. This reduces manual data entry which saves the time of your employees. As it is not manual the chance of it being wrong or having an error is minimized. It thus reduces the risk of duplication and ensures accurate data.

3. Improves work efficiency: As data is organized in a centralized database employee of other departments can help the other employees to address to more customer inquiries which will thus increase the sale. Also in the time saved by employees, they can give attention to other customer issues. This will increase the sale of a business.

4. Provides Accurate Forecasting: CRM forecasts your company’s growth and success. It provides a real-time update on your company’ performance indicators. It includes details like current targets, completed targets etc.

5. Reviewing the data is made easy: The data is so well organized that you can access it anytime. It helps to quickly review your precious data. It thus helps you to keep track of everything with much less effort. You don’t have to struggle to go through page by page and search for separate files. Its centralized database helps you to organize things better.

6. Enhances Customer Engagement: To improve customer sales you need to give positive experiences to your customer. A good experience is when you have given positive replies each time you have an interaction with your customer. A good CRM helps you to achieve it. The detailed information on each customer helps your employees to effectively engage with them and give quick services to the customer. A customer service software gives you the hassle-free services give customer satisfaction which leads to loyalty and repeats purchases.

Customer Relationship Management is thus a very effective tool which can help your business to grow at a good pace. Talk to the best custom CRM software development company for your business growth.

Unicode Solutions drive Digital Transformation and enhance business performance with Process Automation.
Bespoke Experience with Bespocut

When conventional tailoring romances with world-class classical fabrics, it gives birth to next generation of Bespoke experience. BESPOCUT revolves around this core concept. The ready to available fabrics with its Virtual Studio, gives the certificate of quality bespoke tailoring that makes it a market disrupter.

Enablers of Customised Creations

Bespocut would describe itself as one of the kind enablers of bespoke creations in India. What does that mean?

Bespoke tailoring is the fine art of crafting a garment right from scratch just for the wearer. This gives the wearer a unique identity and sets him far apart from the ready to wear garments so available in the market today.

What is Bespocut?
Bespocut is a platform created to enable the business of a designer with the help of technology. It is a cloud-based application which enables designer’s access to world renowned fabrics through Bespocut’s fabric procurement network. The application also helps the designers store and manage customer details, track orders, delivery times and other details making customer management easy.

How does Bespocut work?
Bespocut makes all the efforts to source out thousands of different kinds of fabrics, lining and trips from mills across the globe, and bring it to you. Materials which are handcrafted by artisans with as much of painstaking detail as you will put into your garment. Each material is selected with care and added to the Bespocut’s existing library so that when you browse through it, you get it and with some interesting alternatives to it too. There is a certificate of authenticity provided with each fabric so that the client can be sure of what it gets.

A Hardcore Effort: An application is successful when it is not just built, but when the team make it perform. Being the technology partner, Unicode Solutions( Website designing and development company) has been involved with the conceptualisation of Idea and a vital role in consulting along with the development of the Virtual Studio Application.

Unicode Solutions drive Digital Transformation and enhance business performance with Process Automation.