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Why digital marketing crucial for small businesses

Unicode TeamWednesday, June 5, 2019


best digital marketing company The world has moved into the digital age, and millions of people are spending more and more time on digital platforms like never before. Marketers understand this fact and this is the reason they are investing a lot to attract new prospects through various digital platforms.

Marketing is all about engaging prospects at the right time at the right place, and if you think your clients are spending a considerable amount online, then that is where you need to go. Regardless of the type of your business, you can benefit immensely from digital marketing services. But if you still in doubt, this blog is meant for you. We will go through a few questions in detail so you can understand why it is important to subscribe to digital marketing today to secure business success rather spending a fortune on traditional marketing.

What is digital marketing?

Online marketing or Digital marketing is the marketing method of the global village. The world of digital marketing remains to grow and as long as technology continues to evolve, digital marketing will as well. It has managed to offer brands, not only a global platform to reach a larger audience, but also has helped to build awareness and promote businesses on a much larger, and more instant scale.

Digital marketing includes:

 1. Social media like Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram.

2. Business networking sites like LinkedIn.

3. Promotional ads.

4. Paid pop-ups.

5. Blogs, Articles

6. Clickbait links to viral content.

How digital marketing is taking over traditional marketing?

Traditional marketing methods can still be seen everywhere today; it has not totally been taken over by digital methods. Traditional marketing includes everything printed, such as flyers or newspaper ads, as well as radio and television adverts and billboards. They can still be useful as so many people will hear a radio advert, or pass a billboard on their way to home or work.

However, they are expensive to build and distribute, and there is limited interaction between the brand and the client. What’s more, marketing exercises such as radio ads or signboards/ billboards cannot be measured; how do you know how many people have listened or seen your advert, and who has positively acted upon it? With that in mind, digital marketing is taking over traditional marketing in methods such as:

 1. Reduced cost

2. Higher exposure

3. Level playing field

4. Brand development

5. Higher engagement

6. Strategy refinement

7. Real-time result analysis

8. Huge return on investment

9. Good for all stages of the fields

10. Direct interaction with your audience

As you can see, online marketing is definitely superior for several reasons. The most significant thing to consider is that modern customers get more digital every day and, if we desire to thrill them and mesmerize them, we must be in the appropriate media. Their favourite ones, where they spend most of their time. That’s why digital marketing has gained so much ground than traditional marketing.

So far you have understood the difference between digital and traditional marketing and why it is best to use online marketing for your business success. But do you know how to effectively use this method to stay ahead of your competitors? If yes, then great, you can share your knowledge with us. If the answer is “No”, then follow below-mentioned tips to outrank your competitors.

Here are the top 11 ways you can make your local SEO success:

 1. Create and optimize your Google My Business Account.

2. Use location pages or a location-specific “About Us” page.

3. Optimize for voice search.

4. Take advantage of online business directories.

5. Create a dedicated webpage for each product/service you offer.

6. Get reviews from local customers.

7. Chase long-tail keywords with less competition.

8. Tap into local influencers to grow your audience.

9. Do inbound marketing by developing helpful content.

10. Create content based on local news stories or events.

11. Optimize your website for mobile.

Now that you know what you must do in order to get a good rank the next question is- How long does a website take to appear in Google?

The truth is that it depends – Jumping to the front of Google search results is not simple and it doesn’t happen overnight. According to our digital marketing experts, it can take about 3 to 6 months to rank on Google through the regular search engine optimization (SEO) method. Without SEO, it could take even much longer time. In fact, websites that are not optimized may not even come up in Google search, as the search engine robots will never be able to find out what the website is all about.

Depending on how thoroughly you follow the aforementioned tips, Google can find your website within the first 8 weeks of launch. Do a great job, and your website can show up on Google in as little as 30 days.

Having trouble getting your site to rank well? It is time when you contact the best digital marketing company in Delhi. Reach out today to secure the top position in Google search result.