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5 Top reasons to choose AngularJS for Web Application Development
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AngularJS, the brainchild of THE search giant Google, a structural JavaScript framework the provides developers with everything they might require to set up the front-end of a web application and ease the entire development process. It is a very powerful JavaScript framework and there are plenty of compelling and cogent reasons for selecting it as a platform to build Web apps.

Here are five reasons to choose AngularJS for Web Application Development:

Performance Driven Framework: AngularJS has unmatched competence in creating and adding new features for customizing an app. It is built with plenty of features to boost the performance of web applications. Some of the features include data binding, filter directives, API client, animations, routing, form validation, and many more state of the art features that are sought after by many developers for web development.

Coding: AngularJS uses HTML to define the codes for the user’s interface & offers developers to write codes effortlessly. If you compare JS code with Javascript, HTML is much clearer and reduces the possibilities of complexities among codes. This is necessary for the easy development of interactive web designs. AngularJS makes it possible to do more with less
coding, without needing to lose time on a huge amount of complexities in the process.

Robust Testing Platform: Testing is not only related to web app development services, but it is also an essential part of software development in any niche. Fortunately, during the development of nAngularJS, the people behind it had this thought in their minds. AngularJS comes with an exceptional testing mechanism to guarantee the development of an error-free and high-performance app. When a developer needs to upgrade or fix an issue, they can use inbuilt testing tools to make the living easier! With AngularJS developers can easily find errors and code defects, reducing the time needed to finish the project.

Community Driven: AngularJS is built and managed by dedicated professional engineers. From its advent, AngularJS has become the favourite framework in the online community as well. There are a tremendous number of loyal fans who are on a constant hunt for improvements & bug fixes. It involves members of the core development team and people who just stopped by to do some fixes or recommend a few improvements for an open-source framework. Many IT events like hackathons draw loyal followers from all over the world. Dedicated discussions are held at such events to nurture the developers that use this framework.

Solution From Client Side: AngularJS works on the client-side and is ideal for both the desktop and mobile browsers. AngularJS can be used for any job as there are no backend changes needed. This makes it an excellent framework for developing any front-end app. This further guarantees faster product deployment across systems and browsers that extend support for JavaScript.

Above were the features praised by many web app development service providers. AngularJS is perfectly well-equipped with the necessary tools to build a responsive web app fast. Most significant of all, it takes off a significant load from the developers.

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Why is Web Application must for your business?

A web application is a program resides on native servers that utilize a web browser (Chrome, Firefox, Brave, etc.) as a ‘client’. These applications can range from something as simple as a letter board to as complex as a spreadsheet or a word processor. And though everyone is shouting in the fervour over mobile applications, web applications have many advantages and are still very crucial for businesses. Let’s explain why this is so.

24 / 7 Accessibility: Given that these applications are web-based, they can be accessed 24/7 given that you are online. Web apps also decrease the worry of not able to access your business data due to “scheduled maintenance” or unannounced server issues. Instead, you get secure access to your data 24/7 from any device you want, whether it’s a smartphone, tablet, laptop or PC.

More User & Resource Friendly: Unlike other applications, users don’t have to download a web app onto their device. Every device (PC, Laptop, Mobile or tablet) has a pre-installed browser, and to run the web app, you just need an internet connection and a browser and that’s it! This means that they don’t have to use extra space on their devices, or pay extra to use or download extra software. Navigating through a web application is also much easier than any other software, and the user can easily find what they are looking for. This is one major reason why web application development is still very much alive and thriving.

Internet of Things: IoT or Internet of things technology has penetrated into almost every industry. If your organization wants to use this technology to boost business productivity and goal, a robust web application is a must. A well-developed web application can collate the data sent through numerous channels, examine it, send real-time alerts to the relevant user, and can create reports based on the data it collected earlier. However, having data and a detailed report doesn’t imply business success. The management and employees need to be able to use the application from anywhere and at any time they want(see point one), and the only way that can be possible is through a web application. Web applications further allow your clients to engage with your business in real-time; all these features are build so that business management can make informed decisions.

First Point of Engagement: Your website is the first point of access to your business and brand for your customers. Your website is the place where people begin to learn about what you do, your services, products, and your reputation. If they like your website they will later begin using your other products(Mobile app, desktop software, etc). It is therefore crucial that you hire a professional web application development company who will understand your vision and shape the app accordingly. The web application must be interesting and should keep the customer engaged and convenience them to obtain service or products from your business. As an entrepreneur, you should not neglect the role played by a web application for business success; if you overlook, you will fall behind your competitors definitely.

As you can see, Web-based application development is very useful for your business and know the cost of web app development. It will give convenience to you and to your clients as well. For a business, web applications facilitate a strong online presence. This, in turn, builds healthy and productive relations with the clients. Web applications have therefore taken the world by storm and its wonder is ever-evolving in nature.

Looking for web app development services in Delhi? We have years of experience in web application development. Our team stays on top of the latest technology trend so that we can present only the best to our clients. Contact us to know more.

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How are Mobile Apps changing the face of Digital Marketing?

Smartphones have brought radical changes among people’s searching and shopping habits. As reported by the search engine giant Google, more than 80 % of smartphone users ask their phones before making any decision. The constant rise in the number of the user of smartphones also symbolizes the growing dependency on the mobile platform.

Globally, digital marketers have taken interest in this trend and already started building the best digital marketing plans to target smartphone users effectively. Today, expert digital marketing company in Delhi will suggest building a personalized mobile application to boost digital marketing efforts and outcomes. Irrespective business type, shape or size, personalized mobile apps are growing to be an increasingly essential digital marketing tool and here’s why:

Offer personalized content: Users or prospects love highly personalized content according to their preferences. It’s like offering them a personalized communication in the language they understand or speak. User-centric tailored services are crucial in making the customer’s experience delightful. This personalization can be based on the user’s interest, language, age, location, etc. And a business mobile app makes it really easy to deliver a tailored experience.

During app installation, a user can set their preferences according to their interest, based on which, a digital marketing company can deliver targeted content which maximizes engagement rate. The app will follow customer behaviour & engagement to suggest tailored recommendations and filter updates for them depending upon their requirements in real-time. Isn’t that just wonderful! It will wow your users, as having an app is not only about personalization service, it’s also to sell your services and products. Right!

A Great Tool For Customer Engagement: While business-to-customer communication is essential for marketing, reverse communication is equally important to maintain customer loyalty. Customers like it when their requests and complaints are being resolved immediately and this, in turn, helps businesses build brand loyalty. This is where the mobile application comes in. A mobile app can help to maintain this important relationship through the online help desk and chat support systems as well.

Boosts Brand Recognition: When it comes to marketing, there is way too much noise out there which makes it really difficult for a business to stand out. Outdoor hoarding, flyers, newspaper ads, billboards, social media marketing..every other business is doing it so does your competitors. The uniqueness needed to stand out from your competitors is critically lacking. However, according to studies people now a day spend about more than 2 hours glued with the smartphone, so how about using that for a change? A dedicated mobile app can promote your brand through personalized content without spending a huge sum on Tv ads or billboards. Combine your digital marketing like SMM and SEO strategy with the App, and the app can do wonders to boost your brand name and brand loyalty.

Innovative approach: Whether you are running a restaurant or selling used cars, at some point your former customers will reach out to you. By introducing a mobile app in your marketing and communication mix can make it more comfortable for them.

By accessing your app, clients can find out service or product time availability without calling you, making things more accessible for them and less painful for you.

Wrapping Up
We have tried to highlight some essential features that stand for the fact that mobile apps have and can change the face of Digital Marketing drastically. But that’s not all! You can talk to a reliable mobile application development company to know more about how a business app can boost digital marketing efforts other than above mentions points.

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