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Facebook vs. LinkedIn: Which is better for B2B marketing?
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The world of social media marketing with LinkedIn & Facebook can be scary! Both of the platforms are people based and offer a tremendous number of marketing opportunities.

As a B2B marketer, who is trying hard to maximize customer engagement, choosing one of them can be a difficult and daunting task.

To determine which platform is ideal for your business growth, we as a digital marketing company took initiative to compare the two social media giants for you, looking at everything, from technology to cash.

Let’s take a clear look at Facebook and Linkedin to determine which one is the best for your marketing needs. Shall we?

Who has more People/ Time

To start of the fight let’s have a look at the numbers of users of each platform. According to Social media today, Facebook has roughly 2.38 billion monthly active users. On the opposite side of the ring, according to Wikipedia, Linkedin has about 610 million monthly users. However, before getting into any conclusion it is must be noted that the huge number is not a good metric to account the effectiveness of a social media platform. Time is more important than numbers. According to several studies, a Facebook user generally spends about 35 minutes every day, while an average Linkedin user spends about 16 minutes every month!

So not only Facebook has a large number base, but those users also scroll through the pages quite often. So the first round goes to Facebook!

Winner: Facebook.

Genuine Vs fake user base: If you want to target your audience in an efficient and effective manner, you must develop a strategy first. Making strategy only works if you only know- who is your targeted audience? How to drive customers without spending a lot?

If your customers happen to dwell in the world of Facebook, it makes sense to invest there. However, before launching a campaign you must find the genuine users first since Facebook has record numbers of fake/ bot account and Facebook also admits it!

When it comes to Linkedin, the problem with the fake account reduced quite a bit though. Studies have shown that Linkedin barely has bot/ fake users, which is great for targeting maximum numbers without going through a filtering process which happens to consume a lot of time. Besides this, Linkedin is a place for professionals, some maybe CEO, manager or b2b business owner already there, ready to do business with you.

Winner: Linkedin

Paid Campaign: Running a paid campaign makes sense. If your goal is to drive large numbers of customers within a limited time, both platforms offer their best solution to meet your demand through the paid campaign. Here, Facebook has clear advantages though. Why? Because, you can promote your products or services through various media like Images, Videos, Slide shows, Gif and many more. This makes your campaign more appealing and attractive which leads to more successful conversion.

On the other hand, Linkedin can only run simple ads or basic displays. So your choice is quite limited.

Winner: Facebook.

In the end, Linkedin and Facebook, which one is better? It completely depends on you and your business niche.

Both are the best platform and offer something unique and if utilized correctly can offer you a great return. In general, perspective, if your goal is to reach a huge number of population, Facebook is the only way. Yes, Facebook has a more versatile means of reaching a lot of people but Linkedin has the most number of the genuine user database.

Social media is a great platform to increase brand awareness. Whatever platform you may choose, you must have selected them wisely, according to your targeted audience and business profile.

Still not clear about what platform is the best for your business? Contact Unicode Solutions, we are a digital marketing agency in Delhi offering our service to maximize business growth throughout the nation. If you want to increase your online footprint, reach out to us now!

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Why digital marketing crucial for small businesses

The world has moved into the digital age, and millions of people are spending more and more time on digital platforms like never before. Marketers understand this fact and this is the reason they are investing a lot to attract new prospects through various digital platforms.

Marketing is all about engaging prospects at the right time at the right place, and if you think your clients are spending a considerable amount online, then that is where you need to go. Regardless of the type of your business, you can benefit immensely from digital marketing services. But if you still in doubt, this blog is meant for you. We will go through a few questions in detail so you can understand why it is important to subscribe to digital marketing today to secure business success rather spending a fortune on traditional marketing.

What is digital marketing?

Online marketing or Digital marketing is the marketing method of the global village. The world of digital marketing remains to grow and as long as technology continues to evolve, digital marketing will as well. It has managed to offer brands, not only a global platform to reach a larger audience, but also has helped to build awareness and promote businesses on a much larger, and more instant scale.

Digital marketing includes:

  1. Social media like Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram.
  2. Business networking sites like LinkedIn.
  3. Promotional ads.
  4. Paid pop-ups.
  5. Blogs, Articles
  6. Click bait links to viral content.

How digital marketing is taking over traditional marketing?

Traditional marketing methods can still be seen everywhere today; it has not totally been taken over by digital methods. Traditional marketing includes everything printed, such as flyers or newspaper ads, as well as radio and television adverts and billboards. They can still be useful as so many people will hear a radio advert, or pass a billboard on their way to home or work.

However, they are expensive to build and distribute, and there is limited interaction between the brand and the client. What’s more, marketing exercises such as radio ads or signboards/ billboards cannot be measured; how do you know how many people have listened or seen your advert, and who has positively acted upon it? With that in mind, digital marketing is taking over traditional marketing in methods such as:

  1. Reduced cost
  2. Higher exposure
  3. Level playing field
  4. Brand development
  5. Higher engagement
  6. Strategy refinement
  7. Real-time result analysis
  8. Huge return on investment
  9. Good for all stages of the fields

Direct interaction with your audience As you can see, online marketing is definitely superior for several reasons. The most significant thing to consider is that modern customers get more digital every day and, if we desire to thrill them and mesmerize them, we must be in the appropriate media. Their favourite ones, where they spend most of their time. That’s why digital marketing has gained so much ground than traditional marketing.

Unicode Solutions drive Digital Transformation and enhance business performance with Process Automation.
How much should you spend on Digital Marketing?

“How Much Should I Spend on Digital Marketing?” We hear this question a lot from owners of businesses of all sizes and shapes. The answer to this question is pretty simple, “it depends”, but we can understand this answer is never helpful!

In this blog, we will dig deeper into various aspects of digital marketing, and help you to understand just how much investment you must allocate to optimize, promotion and marketing of your brand/ website in order to find online business success.

By the time you have finished the blog, we are hopeful that you will get the answer to your question and will able to estimate how much you have to pay for the digital marketing services.

SEO: This is one of the most important parts of digital marketing and you should never neglect it. To stay ahead of your competitors, you must rank top in search engine and for that, you have to spend about 30 to 35 % of your digital marketing budget. If you have time and expertise, you can do this by yourself. However, if you hire a digital marketing company, they will offer you more professional results.

you’re serious about your business, you need SEO. It takes work to achieve the top spots and more work to stay there, but it will drive organic traffic and targeted leads. All you need to know about local SEO strategy.

YouTube Ads: India is one of the largest internet data consumers in the world and YouTube is one of the main reasons! Today, YouTube ads have become more relevant than traditional marketing methods. You can identify channels that match with your products and services, then you can contact the owner of the channel to land a deal. Sure, for viewers your ads can be intrusive, but if your ad is funny and able to grab the attention of the viewer, you can gain an attentive audience.

If you run YouTube ads well, you will see a positive ROI. You can spend about 8 to 10 % of your digital marketing budget on this method and you can adjust the investment based on the result.

Social Media Marketing: Spending on social media marketing channels makes sense, even if customers don’t find you through Facebook, Twitter or Instagram. Why? Because they will look for your assistance in social media platforms before they make any purchasing decisions and this is crucial. You must be active on social media so when your prospects are researching about your business, you show up and they know they can trust your product or services. Your Social media marketing budget must be at least 10 % of your total marketing budget. To get more traffic to your website or physical store, you can run ads as well, which will definitely increase the budget.

There are more digital marketing methods and the above-mentioned methods are favoured by many, so investing in them makes sense. According to independent research, by 2021 almost half of the marketing budget will run towards digital marketing methods.

So as a business owner, investing in digital marketing makes sense. So how much? Well, the answer remains exactly the same. Try new methods, analyse the data and invest in what works for you.

Never afraid of trying out new things. If you need more help or want an expert’s advice, feel free to contact one of the best digital marketing agency in India, working to help you increase your online footprint.

Unicode Solutions drive Digital Transformation and enhance business performance with Process Automation.