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4 Features that will Drive the Future of Web Development
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Prophesying is no easy task — when we talk about the ever-changing world of technology. Needless to mention, you have to adore these changes to become successful and grow. Now, taking a step towards the future always comes with uncertainty. Few predictions will work and some won’t. Having said that, making an educated assumption will probably be more beneficial than choosing to live completely unconcerned and oblivious to the future. Find below the upcoming trends that will drive the future of web development:


The growing use of RAIL: User engagement with your website matters a lot. But how you force users to stay on your site? Well, have you heard about RAIL? RAIL stands for Response Animation Idle Load. This technology is used by many web development service providers to boost engagement. RAIL helps to breakdown the UX into tap, scroll, and drag. All of this helps to offer a great user experience of what customers deserve. This is why almost all the best website development company in Delhi are using this technology.


Go for dynamic website: If you are still using a static website, then your business is destined to doom. We know it’s harsh, but it’s reality. Gone are the days when one page was enough to draw customer attention. Others have moved on and you must do that as well. The dynamic website has on the rise and you to take this opportunity to grow yourself and business.


Motion UI: People want anything and everything under the same roof. However, when we talk about “everything”, it doesn’t mean you will clutter your website. People love features, but in a more simplistic way. And this is where Motion UI comes in place. This technology preferred by many web development service providers for its flexibility. It comes with elements such as attractive headers, animated charts, hovers & beautiful background animations, etc.


JavaScript framework: The use of JavaScript has been growing at an exceptional speed. And this trend will live on for the coming years. This tool comes with many libraries that most of the website development company adore and want. With the rising growth of dynamic web application and android/ mobile application the demand to build JavaScript-based applications will grow. It is an exceptional framework with astonishing features. If your goal is to stay ahead of the competitors, make use of JavaScript today.


No one can predict the future accurately. However, we can trust results that are prepared after doing a great amount of research. We had invested quite a lot to identify what’s coming in the world of web development. And, we believe, if you follow the above trends you will get the success you deserve. If you need more information about web development, you can read our previous blogs or you can contact us.

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5 Prominent things to Consider while Choosing a CMS Website Package

Having an online presence/ website is not always translating to a great return. A successful website holds many different aspects and elements that help to draw users’ attention. If your website content, design, navigation, etc. is well planned out, you will get the return you expect. So, to become successful, you have to take many things into consideration.


Your online identity: As a business owner, you have to realize that there’s a huge difference between personal and business websites. One website simply represents you and another one does represent your whole organization and everyone in it. So, you have to put the resource to make everything perfect and every aspect must adhere to your brand’s theme. The best way to do this is by getting help from a professional website designing service provider.


Choose easy CMS: Okay, pay attention to this one. Your CMS can save you a lot of resources if you choose the right product. Your website will need regular content updates and to do so, you simply cannot call the web development company every single time. So, select a CMS or Content management system that is easily accessible and manageable.


Take the design into account: Website design plays a crucial role in determining business success. Having the right website design gives you unprecedented advantages over your competitors. This not only helps to boost sales but also increase customer satisfaction. However, making the right design is not a child’s play. There are many things you have to take into account while you are in the process of designing a website. Without technical expertise, you won’t be able to achieve the best outcome. So, get in touch with the best website development company for an exceptional result.


Website maintenance: Website development is a long time process. Things are changing rapidly and ahead in the race, you have to evolve according to the trends. So, when you are in the hunt for a web development company, make sure the cost of website maintenance is reasonable and they offer long term maintenance. If they do not, move on and find a better alternative.


Do your homework: When you are choosing the best CMS and website designing service provider, do not decide in a rush. Many agencies say they are the best website development company in Delhi, but it could be just a simple claim.


To choose the best web development company, go to the website and check what type of quality they previously offered. If everything is right, they should be, then. congratulations, you have finally found the best CMS and website designing service provider.

Unicode Solutions drive Digital Transformation and enhance business performance with Process Automation.
Best SEO Techniques For 2020

The fight to dominate the online presence is growing every passing year. 2019 is now over and as a digital marketer; you must rethink your strategy to stay ahead in the game. Things have changed significantly from the past year already. And you must follow the latest standard so you get the top SERP result. Here is the list of few top powerful SEO trends of 2020 to get the best rank in search engines.


Keyword placement: Place your targeted keyword at the opening of the paragraph. This will help the search engine crawler to pick up your website faster without needing to dive deep. However, do not put the keyword if it doesn’t mean anything or irrelevant. It’s an easy and effective method that has a proven track record.


Internal linking: Internal blog linking is an exceptional method that keeps the reader engaged in a particular subject. This method will enable you to drive more targeted and interested prospects. Interlinking accomplishes two purposes. On the one hand, it passes on the much-needed SEO juice you need to rank better, and on the other hand, you are sharing information which visitors are looking for.


Attractive title: Take a closer look at your blog/ article headline. Make it attractive and informative. People decide to visit a page only if the title seems attractive to them. Remember, your main purpose here to share relevant and trendy information. If they are not getting any of this, they will simply not visit your webpage. Which means reduced traffic and rank? So, pay attention to your title to justify your SEO services cost.


Video marketing: You need to optimize videos to reach more people by creating a Video Strategy. By using appropriate keywords in the description and title will reach your video to a large number of people. SEO is important for business but video marketing is crucial for SEO. So, do not forget to add video marketing to your existing SEO list and remember to optimize your videos with title and description.


As you probably guessed, the above tips are not hard to do. All of these techniques are proven and if you follow regularly, you will get the result. If you think we have missed something, or you need clarification, talk to an SEO expert from the best SEO services agency in Delhi, Unicode Solutions.

Unicode Solutions drive Digital Transformation and enhance business performance with Process Automation.