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Why outsource SEO Services?
SEO Services in India

Internet experience starts with a search engine. Google to be exact! A web user visits the search engine multiple times a day. And the rest process is well known to everyone. Most of them will visit the top 5 results and later will be ignored. Hence, for an entrepreneur, this top SERP place matters a lot. And they try to influence the SERP result by using a technique called SEO. And this SEO can be done in two ways.


If you have enough time and years of experience, then you can handle it on your own. However, most business owners love to send the job overseas or outsource it. Contracting with a professional SEO service provider overseas has several clear advantages over using in house staff or by handling your own. Five important reasons to outsource are defined in this post.


Improve a website’s searchability and visibility; reduce the cost of SEO and more

1. The Scarcity of enough resources is a very common problem faced by many businesses who opt-in for in-house SEO projects. Since the business might not be devoted completely to SEO, therefore, it could accommodate insufficient resources for the optimization that might degrade the quality of the campaign. On the other hand, outsourcing the SEO-services to other firms that are dedicated to SEO-services, one can achieve the maximum available resources for the optimization.

2. Teaching and training employees to use the right SEO techniques uses up a lot of precious business resources. Even the costliest SEO service provider tends to be more economical than building a new SEO department from scratch.

3. While you are doing the SEO job in-house, you are losing a lot of productive time for your business. Thus, you will miss a lot of important deadlines and you have to struggle to find time for the betterment of your business. If you outsource the job, then, the maximum of your company’s productive hours would be dedicated to quality work.

4. Major search engines like Google change their algorithms and tactics very often. This can happen even every couple of months! The quick evolution of the internet makes it hard for companies with no IT background to keep up. However, keeping up to date with current changes and trends is the primary job of a digital marketing company.

5. Digital marketing, irrespective of the business industry, is a vastly competitive field. You must have the best people at your disposal when it comes to making your way to the top. Outsourcing SEO services to the top SEO agency will guarantee you an edge even if all your competitors deploy search engine marketing tactics as well.


Outsourcing SEO services are vital for business and its success


If you have decided to deploy SEO methods to boost your business’s ranking in the SERP, you must consider SEO outsourcing. Outsourcing SEO has been successfully used by numerous businesses and there is no reason why you cannot implement this for your business as well. The purpose of every business is to gain profit and if a business process like outsourcing SEO can help out these businesses, then there is no reason not to overlook this.

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Mistakes to avoid when optimizing your Instagram account for SEO

Using Instagram to promote your business? According to the Social media marketing agency, you must be careful!


Do you know your businesses’ social media pages play an exceptionally essential part of search results? Your business account on LinkedIn and Facebook plays a crucial role in general authoritative backlinks that assist your business’s website to achieve a higher rank on the search engine. However, these mediums are a two-edged sword. They are exceptionally great at boosting your online presence. However, make some mistakes on these platforms, especially on Instagram and things could get backfired and harm your overall SEO effort.


Top 5 mistakes from a Social media marketing company‘s eye that can derail your marketing efforts

Using Irrelevant Hashtags:  Hashtag works as a search query. One can click on one hashtag and get all the posts related to the same tag. Before you add a hashtag, make sure the images you are posting are relevant to the tag. And do not just place anything! Use tags that are trendy and people are looking for. Professional digital marketing agencies always prioritize using a custom brand’s hashtag. Reason? Well, these custom tags will help to build credibility for your business across your user base. This means a good rank in SERP, which leads to more traffic, more leads and more revenue.


Setting your account to private: This can be an unintentional mistake. However, it happens quite often. If you keep the setting in private, then no one will be able to see your posts. Hence, you will not get any like, share or even a single view. As a result, you won’t get single traffic even after your continued effort. This is the reason you must employ a Social media marketing company. Who has enough experience in digital marketing to not make any simple but costly mistake?


Do not post random stuff: You might be the sole Instagram handler for your business. You may enjoy sharing pictures of your food, dog or places you have visited. But remember, this is not your casual personal profile. This is your business profile. And content relevancy matters to the followers. Yes, you can occasionally share one or two images, but that’s it. You should never cross the line. Post content that has direct links to your business.


Do not use difficult Username: Create a username that is easy to remember and relates to your business. If you are using fancy characters, then it would be hard for people to remember your name. This means a prospect has a really low chance of finding you, by using search filters. It is advised to use a short username that almost sounds like a search phrase.


Not posting consistently: Consistency matters a lot for any medium. It can be a blogging site or other social media platform. When you are consistent, you become more transparent and predictable. It means, your followers have high chances of going through your post. One important thing you should remember is “Time”. People are not always glued to their devices. There is a certain time when most users utilize their free time to crawl through social media sites like Instagram. Hence, you have to select the best time in order to boost the reach. Do you know how to determine the time frame? Do not worry; this can be solved by hiring an SEO services company.


Sum up:

Be cautious of these Instagram mistakes and avoid them at all costs! Remember, even the smallest mistakes can cause havoc on your overall marketing effort. Thus, it is always essential to take help from the top digital marketing agency like Unicode Solutions.

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How to Create a Google Ads Strategy Plan That Drives Results

According to Google Economic Impact Report, a business makes about USD 2 on every dollar they spend on Google Ads. Ads that come in the top 3 positions tend to draw almost 40% of total internet traffic. Many numbers like this can prove that Google Ads are an exceptional tool that delivers a business its success. And these facts are recognized by business communities around the world. This is the reason more and more entrepreneurs are investing in Google Ads for a lucrative outcome.


However, like many other places, you cannot just simply buy tickets to success. No matter how much budget you have allocated for Google Ads, without proper planning and strategy, the marketing campaign is destined to fail. When you are thinking about running Google ads, you have to clear your goals, budget, keywords and more. Besides this, Google keeps changing its algorithm every now and then. So, the job gets more difficult. Even for the cleverest digital marketer. To make it short, building an effective Google Ads strategy is a painful job. If you want to see success, you have to play your card wisely. And here’s how you can do that.


Tips that drive results and save cash!


Analyse audience: Before getting into anything, you have to understand your business niches. Based on this, you have to prepare your plans. Google ads are a highly targeted method to draw interested customers. Hence, the more you know about your prospect the better your results will be. Besides this, you will pay Google for every single click. So, if you are running a campaign for the masses, you will not receive targeted customers, but Google will charge you for unnecessary clicks. This is the reason you must consult with a Digital marketing company to find your targeted customer.


Have Specific Goal: It is quite easy to get over ambitious at the beginning. It can get worse if you have a good budget! No matter how much you are ready to invest, allocate them in different parts or goals. Select a particular goal and assign the budget for the best result. You cannot simply maintain more than two or three goals. It would be nerve breaking even for the most professional and experienced PPC Agency in India. Make small goals, allocate enough budgets and achieve the result. It should be your marketing mantra.


Be curious: The work Google Ads Strategy is never done. Once it’s up and running, you’ll need to constantly analyse and make changes to increase efficiency and to reduce the cost of Google Ads. Keep changing the ads’ variations, keywords, landing pages, timings and anything else you can think of to see what works and what doesn’t. Remember, there are always many other ways to boost your revenue through Google ads. So never stop trying new things.


Make a dedicated landing page: Many times we have seen entrepreneurs want to redirect Google ads traffic to their home page. If you want to do this, as a Digital marketing company, we would say that you are going to make a huge mistake. It has been proven that redirection to the home page is a terrible choice. And it doesn’t offer results. Instead, take help from a website development company and build a dedicated landing page where the main focus of the content and elements are “selling”.


While you are running the Google Ads campaign, you always need to make changes and experiment. A small change in the strategy can bring a lot of positive clicks for your business. So don’t be shy to take a bold step. And if you want to reduce the number of mistakes or want the faster result, then get in touch with the top digital marketing agency like us and start growing.

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