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Why Outsource Mobile Application Development from India
Mobile Application Development Company in Delhi, India

A mobile application offers exceptional convenience, accessibility, and functionality to its users. According to studies, people spend 87% of their time on mobile apps, making mobile app development a must for businesses. However, building a dedicated application for your business is not an easy job. It requires a lot of resources, experience, and budget, which can be hard to come by for an aspiring entrepreneur. However, do not lose your hope, there’s an alternate way where you can get what you want at a fraction of the cost without losing the quality. How? Well, by simply sending the job offshore, particularly nations like India.

Here are some of the reasons why you should consider mobile app development from India:


Budget: People who know about outsourcing, are well aware of the fact that any type of outsourcing does save a considerable amount of cash. Surviving in a challenging and competitive market is becoming more and more difficult for businesses of all shapes and sizes; however, outsourcing enables business owners to cut down on expenditures.


Team strength: Besides reducing your overall budget, to build a mobile application, you will require a full IT team. From designer to the tester, you will need at least 7 to 10 people. Now, this can adversely affect your business if you have a limited amount of resources. Outsourcing proves to be advantageous in this regard. Development and testing-related jobs that normally use valuable in-house resources are transferred through outsourcing, thus, operations can be streamlined by businesses.


Overheads: Outsourcing your mobile app development project in India will help you to boost business efficiency. Apart from the fact that you don’t have to hire a large team, one of the other considerable advantages is, you don’t have to train new people either! When you outsource the job to a  mobile app development company in Delhi, India, they already have experiences and trained people ready to work on your project. So, you are getting a specialist without wasting a lot of resources. Isn’t it a good deal?


Smartphone adoption is rapidly growing and so is mobile application trend. Considering the state of the global economy in the present times, outsourcing has become quite necessary for business. If you are interested to fuel business growth with a mobile application and have a limited budget but don’t want to sacrifice on features and quality, it is time you get in touch with the best mobile app development company in Delhi, India.

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Mobile App Vs Responsive Website- Which one is Best for ECommerce Business?

When it comes to convenience, preferred, and usability, no one can beat the mobile application. In-fact, 80% of online shoppers favour apps over websites and 40% of smartphone users had made at least 1 purchase from their phone. 8 % desktop users that add product/ services to cart, 2.78% make an actual purchase and the rests get abandoned. On the other hand, on the mobile platform, the add to cart rate is 4.7% and the conversion rate is 80%! So definitely you must make use of mobile applications since it brings in more benefits on the table than the responsive web site. Here are some of the advantages of mobile apps:


Accessibility: To buy something from a website, the user has to enter the web address manually or look through a search engine. It might look like an easy job, but people do not enjoy this because it is quite hard to remember a URL  or company’s name. And there’s always a chance that your prospects returned just because he/ she miss-typed something. On the other hand, by simply installing the application once, the user can visit your online marketplace anytime from anywhere.


Easy Marketing: Customer engagement boost business ROI. And with a mobile application, developed by the best mobile app development company in Delhi, you can take care of that pretty easily. You have the power to get in touch with the mobile app user at any time, simply by sending a notification. Have flash sales, offer and discount? You can send that by making use of the same notification without wasting money on marketing as well. All of these allow grab customer’s attention and help to build a stronger, more positive relationship with the customer.


Personalized: SalesForce discovered mobile apps fuels business growth and  62% of customers expect businesses to send personalized offers and if you are not doing this you are missing out a lot. Now, this personalization is not possible with a website but a mobile app can surely help in this regard. With a mobile app, you can collect the users’ locations, buying habits, past purchases, social media engagement and much more data to offer an exceptional tailor-made service that will attract your clients to make positive interactions.


Wrap Up:

The benefits of Mobile Apps over a responsive eCommerce are many, but it doesn’t mean you will neglect eCommerce websites completely. If you know ways to use an eCommerce Website, you can gain a lot from it. If you are ready to reap benefits out of mobile app technology, get in touch with the best Ecommerce website development company in Delhi, NOW!

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Why Market Research is crucial for businesses?

Market research offers exceptional insight into your competitors, recognizes customers’ needs and preferences, buying patterns, market trends, market vulnerabilities and more. This is the reason a successful entrepreneur never skip market research. However, if you are missing this, then you are losing out a lot of opportunities. How? Well, below find the top 4 reasons:

Identify opportunity: Knowing what your customer needs and wants are necessary for business success. If you do not know what your customer wants then how you will sell them anything, right? Market research by professional marketing intelligence company in Delhi, India can identify your targeted audience and demography. This data will help you to understand your prospects in detail and you will be able to personalize your campaign so make positive clicks.

Lower Business Risks: You already know what your customer needs and how much they need. So there’s no chance of overstocking. When you know your customer, you can make use of the resources you have more efficiently which reduces the risk of wasting money, time and effort. Experienced Market research agency also can identify low-risk, high-reward areas where your company can expand or offer new services and products.

Read your competitors: Marketing research is a great tool you can make use of to do comparative studies and that is why marketers are tapping into marketing intelligence. You can analyze your businesses’ growth as well as the progress of your business rivals. By utilizing marketing intelligence, you can construct business policies that would keep you ahead of your competitors.

Testing: Before launching your product or service in mass, you must run a test drive. Why? Well, You can never be 100% sure about the success of your services and products. This test drive will ensure you are not making any big mistakes, even if it fails you won’t lose a lot and maybe most importantly, you will save your brand name from delivering bad services or products to the marketplace!

We have seen many business administrators skip market research and concentrate on the product & service development. If you are like that, then your business is destined to fail and we have already mentioned the reason above. What if you don’t have experience in marketing research? Well, we can take care of that. We are known as one of the best marketing research company in Delhi and we are here to share our knowledge to help you get the business success you deserve. So, are you interested?


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