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The Benefits of Marketing Automation
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Marketing automation, when used in the right way, is an exceptional tool. According to SalesForce, more than 60% of marketing leaders are currently using various marketing platform to drive more sales.   91% of the most successful users agree that marketing automation is crucial for their business growth and they can’t grow without it. It has been proven that Marketing automation drives a 14.5% increase in sales productivity and a 12.2% reduction in marketing overhead.


If you are still in doubt, we have collected the top 5 benefits of marketing automation that will help you decide why marketing automation is the need of the hour for your business.


Customer satisfaction: Ask any marketing research agency about the benefits of marketing automation and most of them will say that it’s all about the customer experience. Marketing automation makes use of customer data to offer personalized service which increases sales opportunities as well as customer satisfaction. According to studies, 93 % of companies see an uplift in conversion rates from campaign personalization.


Productive team: The scale of campaign and employee productivity gets elevated boosts with marketing automation. What it means that you don’t have to send emails and other messages to customers manually, everything can be done automatically. Your employees are now more focused on what they do the entire process is more efficient and scalable beyond the limit of your team strength.


Customer insight: Your customer doesn’t just spend time on a single platform. Their presence scattered across different channels and best marketing automation companies can go through all of these channels to present a 360-degree view of your customers and their behaviour.


Clear abundant cart: How many abandoned carts you have? Do you know most of them can be fixed through marketing automation? Marketing automation can send reminders and emails to customers to encourage sales. 64% of e-commerce marketers say marketing automation contributes to more sales.


Boost business revenue: Several industries’ leading independent research bodies have found that marketing automation service providers do help to boost business revenue. According to Forresters, B2B marketers have increased their sales by 10% after integrating marketing automation.


The way people shop is changing and to match their needs, you have to change your marketing strategy as well. Services like digital marketing services, SEO and, of course, marketing automation are crucial to staying ahead. Want to know more? Get in touch with the best website designing and marketing automation company in Delhi for more clarification.

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How to increase organic traffic through SEO Services

93% of all online experiences begin with a search engine and more than 70k searches are performed on Google every second. Many numbers like these can prove the necessity of SEO services for business. Today’s customer spends their time mostly browsing through the internet and to boost ROI a business must go where their customers spend most of their valuable time. Whether you are a newcomer in the market or have a great and strong presence, regular and frequent updates are essential to increase customer’s curiosity so you can stay ahead of your competitors.


It has been proven that more than 70% of users only visit the top 3 Googles’ SERP and to get this position the competition is enormous. It is quite a complicated process to figure out how to get there and hold the position so you can drive a huge number of the audience. However, employing a well-optimized SEO campaign can surely help. Every business needs a great website and there are few things you can do to maximize the effectiveness of your website and gain more search engine traffic.


The article explains the benefits of organic SEO services and the ways to boost your website traffic and more:


What Is Organic SEO?


More than 90% of traffic that redirects to a website comes from search engines. Most of them counted as organic traffic. The organic search result is a process of smartly placing SEO strategy to rank better without paying anything to the search engine company. The organic SEO service provider is the person/firm that optimizes the website through natural rankings. learn how website designing affect SEO in our blogs.


Why Organic SEO?


As far as search engine marketing (SEM) goes, there are few things you can take into consideration to boost your traffic by taking the top positions. However, if you are paying for the position, then you won’t be able to hold that position for a prolonged time. On the other hand, organic SEO can help you be listed naturally high in the search engine result pages which will hold the position for a long time and the techniques are more affordable too.


Best practices to follow to boost organic traffic


Keyword Research & Analysis: To draw prospects to your website, you must understand what types of particular phrases they are typing in the search engine. Optimize your website’s metadata, description, and content based on the keyword research and also keep a sharp eye on your competitors’ keywords as well. If you are able to rank well in the search engine, you will see tremendous organic traffic growth for sure. If you do not have knowledge about SEO, SEO optimized contents or maybe you don’t have time, it is better to contact a renowned digital marketing and  SEO services company.


Link Building: To drive more unique users and to rank great on search engines, link building is one essential part that you can’t neglect. A website which has balance numbers of quality links tends to rank well simply because the search engine prefers these types of websites. You may want to outsource your website optimization process in order to build a quality link. Outsourcing your link building job or overall SEO work can be the best decision you can make for your business. Because you will get quality work at a very low cost. Hiring a professional SEO services company to do the SEO tasks is a huge time saver and can really pay off in the long run.


Social Bookmarking & Social Networking Sites: Another website promotion method to increase your online visibility is submitting your website to do follow social networking and social bookmarking websites. The following search engine optimization techniques along with others can improve your website a long way; further, it will lead to your website and present you with precious traffic.


Article and Press Release submission: Among various SEO services, the article and press release submission is the most beneficial promotional technique, method to boost your online dominance by submitting curated content to obtain quality backlinks. This method is great for drawing more interest customers but your content must be engaging. its better you hire a professional content writing services company for the best results.



SEO services, if done with specialist guidance and consulting can show the greatest benefit to your business! If you do not know about local SEO Strategies or How Much It Costs.


Organic SEO service providers plan appropriate quality niche-related content syndication policies for each web site so that they can boost organic traffic with the higher search engine ranking resulted accordingly. Remember that, SEO is a long term solution and therefore it requires patience and commitment until such a time when it becomes efficient for the improvement of site visibility.

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Which one is best CMS for Website Design- Joomla or WordPress?

Joomla and WordPress, two distinct names synonymous with website design. They both are recognized by the best website designing and development companies in Delhi as the best CMS for Website Design. They both are open source and have huge followers on various social media channels. Yes, there are many more CMS available in the market but Joomla or WordPress is the top kid in town! However, though their goal is the same again there is some minute difference that you must take into consideration before selecting the best CMS for your development purposes.

Let’s find out those distinctions to draw an ultimate conclusion.               

  • Joomla comes with a few complex featureful which can be difficult for newcomers. WordPress, on the other hand, is recognized as a more simple and user-friendly, simple because, in vanilla WordPress, one would not find any complex feature. However, let’s not make any conclusion right away, because those features will come handy in the future anyway.


  • Joomla is used by many website designing companies when the project is complex. WordPress is generally used to build a simple website. As we said Joomla comes with many advanced features and it further comes with many templates that cover almost every industry. If your need is to build a simple website then there is no rival of WordPress. However, if your need is a bit complex, Joomla is suitable to do that job.
  • SEO or Search Engine Optimisation is essential for website success. WordPress comes with built-in SEO plugin which helps to rank better in Google’s SERP. As an SEO services company, we have seen that the WordPress website always rank great in Google. However, it does not end of the world for Joomla lovers because they can use plugins as well for Search Engine Optimisation. However, for best results, you must place, an SEO strategy. Find more about local SEO strategies and how much it might cost.


  • Joomla can be personalized according to business need anytime with less effort. Joomla can be utilized to design small websites as well for composing complicated functionality on websites. WordPress is excellent out of the box and will work fine if the only objective of the website was to distribute informational content. WordPress is excepted out of the box but limited when it comes to scalability options.
  • When it comes to extending the website’s feature by integrating 3rd party API, website designing and development company in Delhi generally chooses Joomla. The reason behind this is Joomla comes with a well-formed and powerful API that we can use to increase websites’ features and performance.


The Conclusion


In making your choice of CMS, it is best to understand the scope of the product first because both of them excel one each other based on the needs. If you are going to build a complex website then go ahead and use Joomla but if you need a much simpler website that will have minimum features and 3rd party integration, then no one is close to the simplicity and effectiveness of WordPress.

If you are still unable to decide on which CMS you must choose, then it’s time to call the best website designing company in Delhi. We have years of expertise in supervising different CMS, we can help you to choose the best one to maximize your website’s performance. Contact us today.

Unicode Solutions drive Digital Transformation and enhance business performance with Process Automation.