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How does Web Designing affect SEO?
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When deciding on the design for your website, you must consider some essential aspects rather than investing every single resource in the design aesthetic. You must consider whether your newly designed eye-candy site is easy to navigate, and then you must ensure it’s going to work on every single device. Know more about design aspects here.

A little more complex task is taking account of the SEO principle when you are designing your website so Google bot can easily crawl your domain to present a good rank. Sometimes an aesthetically pleasing website can look great, however, it won’t rank in Google at all. Will it be worth it? There are many flashy design aspects available, and they are popping up everywhere. However, before implementing, as an SEO service company in Delhi, we would suggest that one should understand how do these flashy designs affect your site’s SEO?

Let’s have a look at some of the most recognized web design styles and consider what they mean for SEO

Parallax design:
Parallax design is almost everywhere nowadays. Parallax design consists of only a single page. They look very intuitive, especially if the designers have added a fun background with unique patterns, or a menu that jumps to a particular point of the page. This type of design is great for a business home page or contact page. However, for having a lot of multimedia on a page, you have to reduce the number of keywords on the page. As a result, it could be hard for Google to crawl your page. However, the effectiveness solely depends on your nature of the business, if the website is contest related, then you will need to rank only a single page by using one or two phrases.

Page speed:
With the introduction of high-speed internet, people expect that when they open a website it should load fast. Really fast. According to studies, more than 92% of users leave the website if it takes more than 3 seconds to load. Yes, 3 seconds is quite low. However, a well designed and optimized website does load within 3 seconds. If you are able to tweak your website to offer faster loading speed, your customers will be happy and they will return why they are needed for. You can also take help from the best website designing and development company in Delhi to boost your website speed.  Remember that, Google considers taking account of website loading speed while it’s crawling your website.


Domain name: A domain name is your online postal address. The more prominent and recognizable location it is, the more users will know about it. Since the domain name is a part of SEO, you can use a keyword on it to boost SERP rankings. However, don’t use way too long keywords because your prospects will face difficulty in remembering your address. If you are considering a domain name update, make use of 301 redirects so you do not lose present ranking.

Navigation design:
good navigation ensure users get access to everything very easily. When a user visits your website they make a decision within 8 to 12 seconds whether they should keep scrawling or leave. If the navigation is broken, they will leave, no matter how cool your website looks. Navigation is both important for users as well as for SEO services company. Reason? Well, if the users leaving the website too fast, it will increase the bounce rate, which will adversely affect your SEO performance.

As you can see, your sense of web design can have a vast effect on your overall SEO performance. If your website is complex and difficult to use, your prospects will leave and you won’t get enough sales to draw revenue. Thus, a well-balanced website design that follows SEO rules definitely needs of the hour for your business growth. If you are worried about how you will choose one, you can contact the best website development and SEO services company in Delhi now.

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How can Machine Learning Revamp your Mobile App?

ML or Machine Learning is rapidly reshaping the world we live in. From self-driving cars to smart assistants like Amazon Echo, Siri, Google now and humanoids like Sophia, it is everywhere. Machine Learning is making everyday gadgets smarter like humans, empowering them to take the decision on their own and offer us a better-curated experience and helps in building regular omnichannel experiences.

Tailored experience:
Machine learning never stops learning. Yes, it is true. Machine learning has a complex algorithm which can analyse customer’s data from various sources which later offer tailored recommendations right into the prospect’s device. The algorithm effortlessly filters out customers based on their age, material status, previous interaction, interest and more. Based on these data you can set your marketing goal and find the perfect prospect to push your sales speech.

Advanced search:
Machine learning can optimize your App’s overall search functionality to offer your App users the most reliable and personalized results. Machine learning can optimize your App’s overall search functionality to offer your App users the most reliable and personalized results. ML continuously takes note of users’ each such queries and puts out the results which are most relatable to the user . Professional mobile app development companies in Delhi are integrating ML into mobile apps that collect all the available information regarding your customers. This data includes actions like search history, frequent web page visits, etc. You can make use of this information to rank services or products which match exactly with customer’s needs. Reddit has numerous subreddit forum and to find out a particular data out of thousands of subforum is a tedious job for users. This is the reason they are using ML to improve search performance.

Curated content:
Machine learning applications assist marketers to recognize users’ choice by going through information such as Age, Gender, Location, previous search queries, Frequency of app usage and many more. You can use this data to segregate the users according to their needs and offer personalized marketing content to boost sales and overall app usages. If you are looking for an example, you can consider Netflix’s show suggestion. Have you ever thought about how they can predict which show you will love to watch next? It’s nothing but ML working hard in the background.

Relevant ads:
We see it every day without even realizing it’s even there! Today, mobile-only shows ads based on your interest. And if you want to achieve the same, you can do that as well by integrating Machine learning with the help of a mobile app development company. Machine Learning has the ability to predict how a customer will react to a particular ad based on their previous interaction with the app, you can personalize your ad to maximize sales.

Machine learning has the potential that can offer your mobile application with much-needed state of the art technology which will help you to maximize your business success. Yes, AI is there, but it’s not complete yet. The integration of ML with experienced mobile app development is proven and need of the hour.

Want to know more about how a mobile app development company can help you to integrate Machine Learning to boost your Apps’ capabilities? Get in touch with the best website design and mobile app development services company in Delhi, Unicode Solutions today. We are here 24/7 to answer your call.

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Future Scopes of Social Media Marketing Services in India?

We are in a time when social media websites are having billions of active members from all over the world. People are spending most of their free time browsing through social networking websites to keep a connection with their loved ones and of course to hunt down services and products that might suit their needs. Studies have shown that more than 90% of digital marketers effectively boosted a brand’s exposure and 75% of the increased traffic which translates to boost revenue. But these numbers just don’t grow by themselves. Digital marketers follow a specific market trend that boosts customer drive. So what are the marketing needs you to take into consideration to drive sales?

Let’s get a sneak peek into the top Social Media trends.

Video Is a Must:
More than 73% of social media users like to spend time watching videos on YouTube. If you consider this number with pupils nations such as India, the number of watched videos is humongous. Yes, people do spend a lot of time watching the video on YouTube, but it doesn’t imply that you should not upload your service/ product video on social media platforms. Whether you upload your video on Facebook, Instagram or YouTube, the fact is video is and will be a great tool that will definitely attract a lot of customers and drive sales. As long as you adhere to the fundamentals of great video creation, you can make extraordinary gains.

ChatBots for Better CRM:
Effective and reliable customer relationship management is essential for business success and social media can help to boost. How? Well, we all are well aware of the fact that social media make a customer closer to the business. Chatbots can further assist in building a realtime communication. Many prominent instants messaging service providers such as Telegram and Vine have already introduced chatbots in their platforms and Facebook was not lagging behind. So far, there are around 16,000 bots created on the Messenger Platform. According to studies, 79% of customers leave a brand for not being available to answer their queries. Chatbots can be used efficiently to provide 24/7 services to the customers so your precious clients don’t run away.

Augmented Reality:
Augmented reality, though it’s not something new, it’s been there since 2016 introduced by instant messaging service provider Snapchat. Since then, this functionality has been introduced by many service providers because acceptance of Augmented Reality is pretty huge by the social media user. Today best social media agency in Delhi always advises making use of Augmented Reality to grab the attraction of a user.

Personalized service:
Customer-centric marketing backed with deep customer Insights analysed by AI will help recognize the customer’s preference and needs better to offer them great satisfaction.

Tailored content:
Content is still the king and the most definitive core of a digital marketer in 2018, and moving forward customized personalized content will dominate. Find the top content marketing services company in Delhi for content writing services.

To stay ahead of the game today’s social media marketing company must consider the above trends and they should constantly look ahead and constantly sharpen their skill sets. In the beginning, reaching the customer was the world wide web, social media, mobile and now Artificial Intelligence AI and machine learning. If you are a small business owner and think digital marketing is simply an extravagance, then you should know why digital marketing crucial for small businesses. If you want to know more about social media marketing and the process you must follow to boost your business presence, you can contact the best digital marketing services company in Delhi Unicode Solution now.

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