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Online Marketing Mistakes and the ways to avoid them
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Are you struggling to draw revenue from your current online business? If yes, perhaps maybe you are doing it wrong. It is not easy to start selling online. Only about 30 % of those who work with an online business is successful. There are many simple and obvious mistakes that entrepreneurs make when entering their first few years of an online business.

The most common online mistakes are mentioned below:

Lack of Focus:
How many products you have on your website? If you have multiple products, you have to start the promotion process one by one. You have to concentrate all the digital marketing efforts on a single product.

Lack of knowledge:
If you have hired an online marketing company to do the job, it doesn’t mean you will neglect all the responsibilities. You have to do your own homework before beginning the campaign. A digital marketing service provider will give you a lot of options to market your products and services. In the end, you have to select what works best for you and your targeted audience.

Lack of Plan:
Regardless of your business domain, customer demography or budget, you will need a robust plan for your business success. After doing proper homework, you will have a broad knowledge about where you are and the future lying ahead. Set a small achievable goal and start achieving those before taking any huge step.

Website Maintenance:
Do not put all the resources in one place. Take care of your website besides your digital marketing effort. Your website will need periodic maintenance and debugging for better user experience. The cost of website maintenance often confuses people, the best way to do this is by assigning a website development company for the job. It is advised to not to try DIY. Many do this to save money and the ultimate result is- bad website and low traffic/ sales.

Importance of Social Networking:
Some people do not like to use social media to attract the customers they just dislike them without knowing the importance of Social Media, which is one of the common mistakes. Social media is an essential piece of your business marketing strategy. If you are neglecting social media, then you are missing a lot of opportunities.

These are only a few online marketing errors to avoid. Do not leave your hope too early, a sale could be just around the edge. Keep on top of your research, give it your all and brand yourself to build trust and loyalty for your clients. If you need an extra helping hand, give a call to Unicode Solutions- the best digital marketing agency in Delhi.


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Web Application Development Frameworks will rule in future

The framework has become an essential and integral part of web development. And with growing demand, the standard of these frameworks and complexity is also rising at a tremendous speed. And to keep up with the demand and complexity, there are many web application development frameworks in the marketplace. However, which one is the most suitable for your web application needs? The funding can be difficult, but not impossible. Find out the list of top frontend and backend web development frameworks in 2020 below:

Top Backend Framework for 2020:

Ruby on Rails: This is an open-source web application framework that makes use of the Ruby programming language. It is designed originally for use with an agile development methodology and offers the advantages of rapid development.

Developed by Microsoft, .NET Framework comes with an extensive library. This library helps coders to manage a host of programming problem with ease. Dot Net is generally used in Microsoft’s IIS web server.

The use of this framework is growing and it will grow in 2020 as well. It is an open-source web application framework, written in Python and follows the model-view-controller architectural structure. Django was first developed for the management of news web sites for The World Company.


Top Frontend Framework for 2020:

Angular JS: Built by search engine giant Google, Angular JS was primarily designed for single-page applications. However, since its inception, the developers have enhanced its capability to meet the growing demand. Many web application development service provider adores this framework because the community is huge. Anglers are smaller, faster and easier to use. It is a perfect Framework for responsive web application development.


React.JS: This Framework is developed by social media giant Facebook. Most of the major applications are running on React.JS. The applications which needed data exchange, constantly are using React.JS. It is used widely in building a user interface of the web application. Many web application development companies are already using this to develop a great web application. And for React.JS, 2020 will be a great year.


Bootstrap: This list would be incomplete without the addition of the fiercely popular front-end framework, Bootstrap. Created by Twitter developers and originally released in 2011, it’s the most used open-source framework in the world and the use will grow in 2020 as well.


The above-discussed web development frameworks are the most loved and used by the large pool of programmers and web application development companies.

Being a web application development services company in India, we have interacted with most of our clients who have asked to develop their applications for these technologies. However, every customer has a different goal and taste. If you need help to select the best framework for your need in 2020, feel free to contact us.

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How to Create a Lead Database?

Sales lead a database is an exceptional tool that helps the business administrator to arrange client database. However, if you are just storing the data for the sake of storing it, you won’t get the return you expect. Managing sales optimally leads databases will offer you to enhance client engagement and increase sales. However, the question is how to create the best client database? Well, the answer is coming right away. Stay put!


Target Market Criteria: What is your business niche? Find the answer and list down your target audience. If you are targeted audiences are coming from different business areas or industries, target them one by one. Use your experience and do it the best method. Do not try to cover them in one go.


Company Criteria: While you are managing the database, make sure you are adding every bit of information. Now, this data may include parameters such as a particular industry’s revenue, manpower, location, etc. For instance, a digital marketing company in Delhi, with 100 employees and 3 to 5 lakhs monthly revenue.


Define functional role: Where your target contact is located? If you want a working Lead Database, you have to locate your contacts and where they are located inside the organization. For instance, Manufacturing, Human Resource, IT, etc.


Keep an eye on Format: While you are importing the data to make sure it is in excel format and consists of attributes such as Name, Age, Phone number, Address, etc. If you are using a custom CRM software for marketing automation, make sure to check the import format. This will help you to easily import the data into CRM software for further action.


Do some investigation: Your search for data should start from the internet. Visit prospects’ websites and go through every page. Especially “about us” and “History” section. Even if you don’t get the contract, make sure to note down information such as mailing address, contact details, name of CEO or VP, etc.


Lead database preparation takes time and effort. Your business needs you. So, it would be best for you and your business if you give the lead database preparation job to a professional digital marketing agency or social media marketing company like Unicode Solutions. They have the experience and resources to properly make and manage a lead database that would help you to drive results. Also know, how digital marketing helps to Increase Leads.


Unicode Solutions drive Digital Transformation and enhance business performance with Process Automation.