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How are Mobile Apps changing the face of Digital Marketing?
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Smartphones have brought radical changes among people’s searching and shopping habits. As reported by the search engine giant Google, more than 80 % of smartphone users ask their phones before making any decision. The constant rise in the number of the user of smartphones also symbolizes the growing dependency on the mobile platform.

Globally, digital marketers have taken interest in this trend and already started building the best digital marketing plans to target smartphone users effectively. Today, expert digital marketing company in Delhi will suggest building a personalized mobile application to boost digital marketing efforts and outcomes. Irrespective business type, shape or size, personalized mobile apps are growing to be an increasingly essential digital marketing tool and here’s why:

Offer personalized content: Users or prospects love highly personalized content according to their preferences. It’s like offering them a personalized communication in the language they understand or speak. User-centric tailored services are crucial in making the customer’s experience delightful. This personalization can be based on the user’s interest, language, age, location, etc. And a business mobile app makes it really easy to deliver a tailored experience.

During app installation, a user can set their preferences according to their interest, based on which, a digital marketing company can deliver targeted content which maximizes engagement rate. The app will follow customer behaviour & engagement to suggest tailored recommendations and filter updates for them depending upon their requirements in real-time. Isn’t that just wonderful! It will wow your users, as having an app is not only about personalization service, it’s also to sell your services and products. Right!

A Great Tool For Customer Engagement: While business-to-customer communication is essential for marketing, reverse communication is equally important to maintain customer loyalty. Customers like it when their requests and complaints are being resolved immediately and this, in turn, helps businesses build brand loyalty. This is where the mobile application comes in. A mobile app can help to maintain this important relationship through the online help desk and chat support systems as well.

Boosts Brand Recognition: When it comes to marketing, there is way too much noise out there which makes it really difficult for a business to stand out. Outdoor hoarding, flyers, newspaper ads, billboards, social media marketing..every other business is doing it so does your competitors. The uniqueness needed to stand out from your competitors is critically lacking. However, according to studies people now a day spend about more than 2 hours glued with the smartphone, so how about using that for a change? A dedicated mobile app can promote your brand through personalized content without spending a huge sum on Tv ads or billboards. Combine your digital marketing like SMM and SEO strategy with the App, and the app can do wonders to boost your brand name and brand loyalty.

Innovative approach: Whether you are running a restaurant or selling used cars, at some point your former customers will reach out to you. By introducing a mobile app in your marketing and communication mix can make it more comfortable for them.

By accessing your app, clients can find out service or product time availability without calling you, making things more accessible for them and less painful for you.

Wrapping Up
We have tried to highlight some essential features that stand for the fact that mobile apps have and can change the face of Digital Marketing drastically. But that’s not all! You can talk to a reliable mobile application development company to know more about how a business app can boost digital marketing efforts other than above mentions points.

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Artificial Intelligence (AI) Impact on Mobile Apps Development

Mobile applications are steadily improving and AI or Artificial Intelligence is empowering this evolution with added state of the art & stunning features.

With the growing advancement of mobile technology, it is a hard job for a business to offer personalized service to every customer. AI is a great milestone in the space of mobile application development as it offers more power to mobile applications.

“Siri”, “Okay Google”, “Cortona” and AI like “Alexa” already started in creating real-life impact by using a technique like a machine learning, analysing customer behaviour. Irrespective of your business size and type, a mobile app integrated with AI can change the way customers interact with a business.

Impact of Artificial Intelligence on Mobile Application Development
The effect of AI on mobile application development starts with several AI-powered solutions and it is changing the way developers build an application. Here’s how:

AI helping app developers to code creatively which reduce time: Artificial Intelligence enables developers to code more creative way. Mobile application developers who understand how to use AI are capable to deploy more unique code in a more adaptable setting. Further, AI helps to reduce the development time by automating code integrity checkpoints, eliminating the need for a lengthy manual bug hunt process. Do you know an Artificial Intelligence from Ubisoft, can now even predict code errors in the code before developers make them!

Personalized service: Have you ever launched Netflix and found a new show which matches your taste? Not only Netflix; YouTube, Amazon Prime, etc. know what you love and what you don’t. But do you know how they always able to offer a curated service, that you will love (most of the time)? Well, the answer is they have integrated active AI system in the backend and they are collecting data and processing it in real-time for offering great & personalized service.

App developers know how AI can efficiently gather and process a large number of data to offer great customer services. This is the reason mobile app development service providers are leaning towards AI integration rather than going through standard algorithms. Why? Well, the reason is standard algorithms can’t provide insights into the user data & neither they can analyse it.

Fulfilling User Expectations: The AI is being utilized in numerous applications to make the customer experience more intuitive. It is offering convenience and functions to the applications. Today, a user can do a lot more complicated tasks by using this AI-driven application easily.

AI further helps developers to build highly intuitive mobile applications as well. To stay ahead of the competitors and to offer businesses a competitive advantage in the market, developers from various mobile application development companies in Delhi, India is continuing to integrate AI in their Apps. Therefore, working on the user’s expectations and to offer the best customer communication throughout the app life.

Where will AI take your app?
The necessity of AI integration in the modern-day application is not an option, it’s a necessity. So it is time you must look at how your current or future app can be focused on AI.

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Why the presence of your business on Social Media channels matters?

Let’s face it, it’s 2019 and great social media presence is not just simply an option, it is essential for business. In the past couple of years, social media marketing has grown rapidly.

Did you know that 90% of all the digital marketing services company says social media marketing has boosted its brand exposure?

Or that more than 60% of digital marketers that spend at least six hours on social media platforms each week have seen more leads? Irrespective of business type, industry, or size, using social media as a marketing tool can help you to improve brand recognition and pad your wallet.

If you’re not taking advantage of social media, you’re missing out on a fast, affordable, and efficient way to reach nearly half the world’s population.

Let’s look at the top 4 ways in which social media channels can encourage you to connect, engage, and grow your business.

Improved brand awareness: It is free and effective digital marketing platforms that can be used to increase your business visibility. To start the process, create a social media profile for your business and start engaging with others. Build your social media strategy and it will definitely boost your business recognition. If you don’t know how to make an efficient social media strategy, you can reach out to a social media agency for help. However, make sure you are spending minimum hours in your social media channels to boost the engagement rate of your business with your clients. As we said earlier, you must spend about 6 hours a week in order to earn a generous amount of lead numbers. Without any doubt, having a strong social media presence will benefit your business on a regular basis, it is a platform where you can spread your wing through the globe without needing to cross the border!

Improve your search engine ranking: Search engine spider knows which pages are consistently earning traffic and which are just floating out there, forgotten and ignored. Although your killer local SEO strategy is the most crucial factor to earn great search engine ranking, driving users from social media platforms towards your website pages will cause them to climb much faster.

A lot of times, this can be as simple as re-sharing new and old content. As a digital marketing company, we would like to recommend each post be re-shared once every month — a job that doesn’t need a lot of time or resources as you might think. With Facebook’s scheduling tool or Hootsuite (for Twitter), you can schedule entire month’s content all at once and that’s it, you’re done!

Company Mouthpiece: Whether you are new to the market or have been a part of it for a prolonged time, positive word-of-mouth will always drive reliable leads. Social media channels help business owners to keep their customers updated regarding the services, new product launch, offer, company policies and also business activities. The online platform helps a business to build the narration to capture their targeted client’s interest. Each Tweet or Facebook can share business ethics, values and much more. However, since it’s free, don’t use it to overboard your followers with frequent unnecessary posts. Make sure your posts are relevant and fruitful for them.

Enhance customer experience: Social media platforms are great, free to use
communication tools for a business. Let me explain, your precious clients are now using their mobile phones more than 100 times per day. So when they are engaging with businesses, what do you think they would use? You can improve your customer relations by constantly monitoring Twitter and Facebook and replying to customer inquiries, replying on their comments as they come up. Customers appreciate the fact that when they post comments on your social media page, they get a personalized reply rather than an automated message from a bot. A business that values its customers, takes the time to write a personal reply, which is perceived naturalness in a positive light.

There is no doubt that Social media marketing has numerous benefits for a brand new and established businesses. However, just sharing images and quotes will not benefit your business. The right blend of educational and marketing posts are needed to produce the desired results. By daily updating the right social media marketing strategy, it will drive more traffic, great SEO, enhanced brand loyalty, better customer satisfaction and much more. Your opponent is already expanding their strategy on social media every day, so don’t let your competitors take your probable clients. The earlier you start, the quicker you see the business grow.

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