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Voice search in Digital Marketing
Voice search optimization services

Voice search is growing at an extraordinary speed and more and more businesses are coming forward to optimize voice-based search. In this blog, we will talk about the most useful statistics, trends, and facts about voice search. If you been overlooking voice search, we are confident after reading this post, you will think otherwise.


First, let’s look at some facts:

  • According to ComScore, 50% of all online searches will get carried through voice by 2025.
  • Gartner’s research predicts that 30% of all browsing sessions will be done through voice by the end of 2020.
  • 60% of people who own a smart device can’t imagine life without having a Google Home or Alexa.
  • According to Global Market Insights, worldwide smart speaker sales will exceed $30 billion by 2024! That’s quite a lot, isn’t it?
  • 60% of people who own a smart device can’t imagine life without having a Google Home or Alexa.
  • More than 3.5 billion searches performed on Google every day. Almost 1 third of this comes from the voice search!


Why should we optimize for voice search?

As you can see above that voice searching is growing and have an exceptional future. Most futuristic entrepreneurs are already taking steps towards optimizing Voice search. And if you are still not considering Voice search, you are making your competitor’s life easy.


How to optimize for voice search?

  • Make sure the website contains conversational & natural tone.
  • Concentrate less on keywords.
  • Try to think like a user and how they use voice search.
  • Provide an answer in a context.
  • You can use a long-tail keyword phrase to engage with the user.
  • Get in touch with a professional digital marketing company to integrate structured Data in your site so the search engines can easily crawl your page.
  • Improve your average website loading speed.
  • Make sure you have Google My Business page.


To wrap up

People already started utilizing voice search daily — and its demand will only grow in the coming years. Those who already take voice search optimization seriously in their SEO will enhance their content visibility significantly and drive more organic user and ROI. If you want to stay ahead in the game, get in touch with the Best digital marketing company in Delhi now.

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How to optimize Google My Business with its new features?

The dependency of people in search engines is growing at an exceptional speed. Today, people even go to Google to get information about local stores. Most of the time they are looking for images, route, reviews, etc. In fact, more than 65% of people search nearby businesses before even setting foot. Hence, for business owners, they must build a great online presence. If we dive into more specific, then businesses must consider improving GMB or Google My Business. Because, in the end, this tool is pulling out every string. So, let’s find out some essential GMB features and how to optimize them.


Google Descriptions: Once you have successfully created your GMB account, the next job is putting a meaningful business description. The best way to do this is by adding your product/ service keywords into the description content. The impact is huge in the local SEO and customer will instantly recognize exactly what you do. However, do not just spam this place with irrelevant keywords. Place compelling, interesting and, above all else, useful content. With this step, you will help your cause greatly as you will rise in the rankings for plenty of useful keywords.


Google questions and answers: This is an exceptional feature where clients answer directly on your GMB page. These questions can be anything related to your business or store. When a prospect asks something on this page make sure you reply to them with relevant info as soon as possible. Do you want to know the best way to answer them? Well, according to much digital marketing company, the best way to answer a question is by replying to a different user like your family member, friend, etc.


Book an Appointment: Do you know a prospect can book an appointment directly from the GMB page? Yes, that’s true. Google offers its user to make an appointment without needing to visit your online or physical store. If you are interested to have this feature, you just need to go to the URLs section of the GMB page and place the URL in the appropriate fields. And that will do the magic!


With these three simple and straightforward tips, you can improve your Google My Business account. When doing so, you will find more clients and convert visitors into clients. However, to get the most out of it, do the optimization process from SEO service providers. Because many things require a careful and experienced hand. If you think a DIY is enough, you will lose more than gaining anything. So, get in touch with the best digital marketing company in Delhi to boost your GMB page today.

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Top 5 Security Issues in Mobile App Development

According to market research, more than 60% of overall malware threats to the network drive from mobile applications. Overall mobile application downloads crossed more than 200 billion, and this number alone making hackers use shady methods to target users. Thus, offering optimum security to the app user is now the primary concern of many Mobile app development companies. Ensuring top-notch mobile apps security for your business application is essential to maintain and grow your business reliability. Let’s look at the top 5 Security Issues in Mobile App Development.


Insecure Data Storage: If your app has user accounts, make sure the keys are not lying in the device itself. If the credential is stored in the device without encryption, you are making the hackers’ life easy. Always encrypt the data package and your app should never backup credentials as well.


Overlooking SSL: SSL is the most basic tool that can make real changes. However, still, we see many entrepreneurs overlook the SSL implementation. No matter what kind of application you own, SSL is a must. As a web application development company and Mobile app development company, we constantly push our clients to integrate this certificate for better security.


Data leakage: Modern-day data packets consist of a lot of information about the users. From their age, location, gender to their favourite food, everything is being collected. However, your customers giving away this data by trusting you. If they find out this intimate data is being leaked, they won’t use your app never. So, you must keep track of how this data being forwarded and if anyone is snooping it or not.


Untrusted inputs: A mobile application receives an enormous amount of data from multiple sources. Most of the time this data doesn’t have any encryption. This encourages hackers to get easy access to devices by making use of “cookies” and other vulnerabilities. A hacker can use this vulnerability to store keyloggers, later to be used to access the app.


Unsecure server: The server is the brain of the mobile application. And if someone gets access to this place, well, you are doomed. Every single user will be affected. Hence, put a good number of the resources to secure your server-side. And always choose an experienced Mobile app development company to do so.


Given the broad range of options available to attack a mobile application. It is always better to hire a professional and best Mobile application development company to do the development job. Their experience and expertise will help you to build a robust and functional app that reduces security risk and boost user engagement. So are you ready to secure your user? Want to know how much a mobile app will cost? If yes, we are here for you, contact us for any query.

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