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Bespoke experience with Bespocut

Unicode TeamThursday, August 10, 2017


An application made for designers enabling next generation of bespoke tailoring

When conventional tailoring romances with world class classical fabrics, it gives birth to next generation of Bespoke experience. BESPOCUT revolves around this core concept. The ready to available fabrics with its Virtual Studio, gives the certificate of quality bespoke tailoring that makes it a market disrupter.

Enablers of Customised Creations

Bespocut would describe itself as one of the kind enablers of bespoke creations in India. What does that mean?

Bespoke tailoring is the fine art of crafting a garment right from scratch just for the wearer. This gives the wearer a unique identity and sets him far apart from the ready to wear garments so available in the market today.

What is Bespocut?

Bespocut is a platform created to enable the business of a designer with the help of technology. It is a cloud based application which enables designer’s access to world renowned fabrics through Bespocut’s fabric procurement network. The application also helps the designers store and manage customer details, track orders, delivery times and other details making customer management easy.

How does Bespocut work?

Bespocut makes all the efforts to source out thousands of different kinds of fabrics, lining and trips from mills across the globe, and bring it to you. Materials which are handcrafted by artisans with as much of painstaking detail as you will put into your garment. Each material is selected with care and added to the Bespocut’s existing library, so that when you browse through it, you get it and with some interesting alternatives to it too. There is a certificate of authenticity provided with each fabric so that the client can be sure of what it gets.

A Hardcore Effort:

An application is successful when it is not just built, but when the team make it to perform. Being the technology partner, Unicode Solutions has been involved with the conceptualisation of Idea and a vital role in consulting along with the development of the Virtual Studio Application.