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Unicode TeamThursday, March 8, 2018

Google Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) has undergone a lot of changes off lately. Here is an update of what is happening:

1. Previously users were not able to access the original URL of websites. With the new update in place, users can access the original URL of a website. Moreover, while sharing the link of the website, the original link is shared.

2. Few of the most famous search engine companies in China and Japan have also announced their support regarding the AMP protocol. One can avail the SEO services in Delhi to improve the ranking of their webpage.

3. AMP was only good for static content previously. It has recently added interactive features which allow the content of the web page to change according to user interaction after it has loaded. The amp-call-tracking feature enables webmasters to track phone numbers. The digital marketing company in Delhi helps in developing user friendly websites at competitive costs.

4. Google’s AMP page also provides support through landing pages. This feature helps in increasing revenues for the business through the pay per click.

5. Irrespective of being a Google project, AMP is also an open source platform that has many contributors from over the world.  Google has recently changed its weekly design schedule accommodating all the contributors from different part of the world.

6. If a non-compliant AMP page is found after the deadline by Google, then it sends users to the non-AMP equivalent. Apparently, this is being done to improve the user experience.

7. Canonical pages and AMP must have close parity. AMP pages that do not match the canonical content are not going to be considered for search features. SEO services in delhi help in improving ranking of pages.

8. Google is focussing on improving the overall consumer experience. According to it, ads published in the AMP open source format and web pages load instantly. This gives users a very smooth browsing experience and the websites become more engaging.

With the latest AMP updates being out, one can enhance their website performance and improve the search engine ranking by consulting SEO company in Delhi. An interactive website reduces bounce rate and promotes the business of the clients. A user is likely to hop on to other website or lose interest if the webpage is slow to load. Availing digital marketing services is the best way of boosting traffic to your website and making it rank higher.