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Cost of Web Application Development Services in India
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One of the most common questions we often receive from our client is “how much does it cost to build a web application?” We know very well why most of our customers want to know the exact figures prior they start the project. It would be very helpful to know the exact amount of money needed to spend in order to get a functional and featureful web app. This would help you to better plan and manage the business fund.

Unfortunately, no web application development company will be able to give an exact estimate right away. The reason is web application development is a process divided into several categories; each of them takes a lot of effort and time. However, we can offer you enough insight into the process so that you can estimate expenses and draw up a rough budget for your upcoming venture.

So what does web application development pricing include?

App Complexity Level: Obviously, it is the most paramount cause in estimating the cost of web application development. Complex product development is more expensive, and there is nothing new about this. Ask yourself what do you want to have at the end of the project? If you have a definitive answer to this question, you will have a clear understanding of the price itself.

Nature of business: The nature of business you are trying to do with the App is also changing the budget projection. Like, the more specific your business niche, it would be more challenging for a specialist to figure it out. Thus, it would take a lot of time to do research and development, which in the end will definitely increase the cost.

Working under deadline: If you are running out of time and pushing the developers to complete the project under a strict deadline, make sure you have extra cash to spend on. It’s quite obvious and doesn’t need an explanation. When people working hard and staying late at night to complete your project, you have to return the favour and appreciate their effort by spending some more.

Choice of Web App Development Company: The selection of web application Development Company is crucial that influences your budget as well as the quality of the app. Well known brands will charge you a lot due to their brand recognition. You must find a delicate balance between your budget and the reputation of the company you hire. Luckily, you don’t have to go far! We have the most talented mind in the web app development industry and our rates are modest as well, for more information, contact us.

Digital Marketing plan: Like you, thousands many more developing a great web application for their business every day. So how will you make sure people use your Apps instead of your competitors? With the help of digital marketing of course! And without any doubt, digital marketing is a part that you have to be cautious and plan accordingly as well. The digital marketing company in Delhi will help you to gain a lot of customers and build the much-needed hype for your web app. However, make sure you plan with marketing experts prior to making any investment.

Support: Always remember that building an application whether it is a mobile app or web app, is just the beginning of the longtime adventure. In the upcoming future, you will need help and a team who can monitor the activity of your application. Don’t miss out this part when you are developing your budget for web application development.

As you can clearly understand that there are many factors that can increase or decrease your cost of web application development. That is the reason you must talk to the expert and express your thoughts clearly to them so they can give you a fair estimate.

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5 Ways E-commerce Changed Business in 2017

The advent of e-commerce has had a great impact on business over the years. The inception of the internet has completely changed the way businesses are conducted. People tend to feel more comfortable buying things online and the ways in which businesses cater to their customers have also changed. Below is the list of the 5 ways in which E-commerce has changed the business in 2017:

1. Online stores have become more popular than the conventional ones. This is because they are available round the clock and are readily accessible from any given location. One can consult the ecommerce web development company in Delhi to avail services related to web development to boost their business and take it to the next level

2. The mobile-friendly websites have enabled customers to explore their options from the tip of their finger. Users prefer to use mobile phones to make payments and select the options online. This way, having a mobile-friendly website is a boon to any business.

3. Digital marketing focuses on convincing the users to buy your services and to purchase your particular product. A customer oriented approach can help one in designing suitable website such that the customers can be lured.

4. Another amazing update is the virtual reality feature of ecommerce. According to it, the users can now browse websites and go through products via virtual reality making the entire experience even more exciting.

5. E-commerce has caused all sorts of businesses to take the leap of faith and launch themselves online. All the businesses are now forced to maintain good online presence because of the high competition. The ecommerce website designing service in Delhi is your go to company that will help you in every step of the way to build an online presence.

Thus, E-commerce has changed the entire dynamics of business and businessmen are soon adapting to this change. The online platform is becoming more and more popular. If you want to establish your business online and market yourself, then, you can get in touch with ecommerce website designing company in Delhi to provide you with the best solutions for digital marketing. Take your first step towards effective digital marketing and select the best E-commerce solution provider. Contact us today to further discuss your requirements and to come up with solutions that drive traffic to your website to help you generate more revenue.

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Google AMP Update For 2018- Unicode Solutions

Google Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) has undergone a lot of changes off lately. Here is an update of what is happening:

1. Previously users were not able to access the original URL of websites. With the new update in place, users can access the original URL of a website. Moreover, while sharing the link of the website, the original link is shared.

2. Few of the most famous search engine companies in China and Japan have also announced their support regarding the AMP protocol. One can avail the SEO services in Delhi to improve the ranking of their webpage.

3. AMP was only good for static content previously. It has recently added interactive features which allow the content of the web page to change according to user interaction after it has loaded. The amp-call-tracking feature enables webmasters to track phone numbers. The digital marketing company in Delhi helps in developing user-friendly websites at competitive costs.

4. Google’s AMP page also provides support through landing pages. This feature helps in increasing revenues for the business through the pay per click.

5. Irrespective of being a Google project, AMP is also an open-source platform that has many contributors from over the world. Google has recently changed its weekly design schedule accommodating all the contributors from different part of the world.

6. If a non-compliant AMP page is found after the deadline by Google, then it sends users to the non-AMP equivalent. Apparently, this is being done to improve the user experience.

7. Canonical pages and AMP must have close parity. AMP pages that do not match the canonical content are not going to be considered for search features. SEO services in Delhi help in improving the ranking of pages.

8. Google is focussing on improving the overall consumer experience. According to it, ads published in the AMP open-source format and web pages load instantly. This gives users very smooth browsing experience and the websites become more engaging.

With the latest AMP updates being out, one can enhance their website performance and improve the search engine ranking by consulting SEO company in Delhi. An interactive website reduces bounce rate and promotes the business of the clients. A user is likely to hop on to other website or lose interest if the webpage is slow to load. Availing digital marketing services is the best way of boosting traffic to your website and making it rank higher.

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