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Anlight Consulting

HR Consulting with Innovation
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Job Consultancy
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Consulting is a type of advisory or counseling services that businesses and corporations use to improve their leadership’s relationship with the team management and to enhance their business growth. Anlight Consulting services is a customer centric, delivery focused consulting organization that brings significant business value to its customers by effective use of Technology & Human Capital resources.

Client Requirement

Anlight Consulting Services being a 4 year old organization, was already having an outdated website which was creating a negative influence among their clients and competitors. As they were looking to enhance their growth and reach, they needed a new website which could engage more customers and business expansion. With this concern, they approached Unicode.

Our Solution

As per their requirements, Unicode team analyzed each and every aspect of the project.During the analyzing phase, we discovered out that the client requires the website to focus on design and user engaging interface. The Solution provided consist of following features.

  • We crafted a design that went in sync with the sensibilities of the business as well as the target audience.
  • We delivered a stunning responsive website and engaging design all on time and on budget.
  • Dynamic Way of exhibiting all the services.
  • Customer Engaging Tools
  • Client Quick Connect
  • Article Downloading Module

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