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Digital India! an initiative for Advance India!

Unicode TeamWednesday, July 15, 2015

The new Generation has marked the advent of mobile, laptops, palmtops, and tabs etc that were a dream some time ago. Today the concern of a mother is not that her children are playing in the basking sun; rather the concern is the excessive use of mobile and laptops. The world today has become so small that we can hold the globe in our palm. With the arrival of Digital era everything from furniture to grocery is available at a single click on your mobile. To facilitate it not only industry giants but the start-up players like www.grocerybag.in and www.patiodezignes.com are also taking a pie of it.

The beauty of the digital era lies in the way it is has become approachable to everyone from rich to poor, from city to village. From vegetable vendor to rickshaw puller everyone is now a part of this change. Making this change as a part of the second most populated country in this world our Honourable prime minister Narendra Modi launched the” Digital India Week” on 1st of July with a vision.


He said “I dream of a digital India where high-speed digital highways unite the nation; 1.2 billion connected Indians drive innovation; technology ensures the citizen-government interface is incorruptible.” “This is a programme to transform India into a digitally empowered society and knowledge economy.” He also stressed “Earlier, a child used to playfully wrench your reading glasses, today; he reaches for your phone. We need to understand this change or the world will pass us by.” He also launched 9 pillars:


The question however is how much are we Indians ready for this change? Are government department ready to work on the systems rather than writing on a file or a sheet a paper? The adaptation to this ideology of making India digital requires a broad change in our attitude, style of work and most importantly our approach towards becoming a superpower. This will bring us to a position where we may compete with the worlds developed nations and stand apart. To be an aggressive initiator, Govt launched products, web portals and mobile apps for citizen service at the inaugural program like Digital locker, e-hospital, Digital India portal, My Govt Mobile App, Swach Bharat Mobile App

Result of Digital India

Whatever may the results be, if the programme actually achieves even 30% of what we are aiming at this is what we are going to witness:

witness:We at Unicode solutions are already playing our part in this big change. Following the purpose of Digital India and its future impact, our team guides our clients that how their Web Services & Tools for their business can be a part of Digital India. We plan and develop Websites and Business Applications in a way that it shall be future ready and become a part of Digital India. Mobile Ready, Data Analysis, Visitors connectivity, Quick response systems etc are the tools which are integrated with our Developments. Our attempt towards making this possible together is a drop in the ocean of opportunities. But we at Unicode strive to play our part and make this larger change bring the revolution that it aims at. There are certain points of discussion on digital India on which we all should ponder over: Will we be able to bring our citizen services at fingertips? Is government ready to accept this change? Is our infrastructure ready to support the accessibility of services on web so that it can be accessed to the last mile? Will there be an environment on Web & Mobile when we feel free to share of IDs & Credentials by considering it digitally private and secure? Nonetheless the change is positive and we should strive to bring it. Let’s make this Digital week possible by holding web together!