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OGPM Group, eSupply
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Business Process Automation
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Smart way of Procurement

A trading company plays an important role when it comes to procurement of quality products at best price on demand. OGPM Group plays same role with its clients for equipments procurement in Oil & Gas, Petroleum, Mining and Water resource establishment. But how it performs when it moves to next level and ease its clients’ procurement process?

OGPM Group planned for such system while discussing the automation for its backend process. We, at Unicode, reviewed the whole business process with OGPM team and proposed solution by considering how and what steps they are linked with its clients.


At its backend process, the major challenges resolved are:

  • Dynamic Enquiry Submission
  • Selection of best suppliers
  • Automated Quotation by calculating all variables and risks
  • Movement of Multi Currency in a deal
  • Intelligent reports for business decisions

To engage clients by easing their procurement process, we integrated Mobile App for specialised tasks with its web version:

  • Direct Order with Automated approvals
  • Automated inventory update
  • One click updates for clients
  • Automated documents

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